LBD x Checker


Well, like how they say, every girl needs a Little Black Dress in their wardrobe. 
I love this dress that I got from a sales for only RM15! :D 
It is body hugging so basically it looks more like a formal chic sexy one, 
but here I am toning down the sexiness and formality but adding a oversized vintage checker shirt. 

LBD from a warehouse sales | Checker shirt is vintage from Mom ;) | Necklace from Nile | Floral Platform from Agapeboutique 

BTS: Brother continuously taking pictures even thou I am done.

Chunky White Boots


Hey Ho! I had a pretty happy Tuesday & Wednesday so far :) thou a little tired, and unproductive but it is all good because I get to meet up with my friend and catch up a little about our dreams, life, and everything.

Here's another OOTD look from last Saturday.

I've been trying to wear my white chunky boots out, yet, I couldn't quite style em like how I usually style the black ones.

So my opinion would be, white chunky boots are pretty difficult to style BUT it will definitely make your outfit stand out more with these eye-catching yet minimal piece.
Im still experimenting different ways to style em and the best (in my opinion) would be to style them with shorts/dresses/skirts, not long pants/jeans because that made my legs look so much shorter (I'm not sure about white jeans thou).

My chunky white boots are from Nile for only RM25++!

Camouflage Jacket from SomeWear Over the Rainbow  
Tank Top (in size XL so it looks like a dress) from Cotton On
Watch from Vincci
Chunky Boots from Nile
Shades & Necklace from Padini

& here is a unglam candid shot. 
Two more days till weekends! *fliphair*

Floral x Denim


I have dresses that I've worn once, and don't feel like wearing it anymore because, I would probably wear them as it is. :/ But then, while I was scanning through them, I feel it is such a waste to just hoard them in the wardrobe without wearing them! :'(

SO, I decided to style them, dressing down the statement dresses.

#1: Floral.
I know it's Malaysia and we have 24/7 summer all year long. Summer dresses are the best! Mine is covered with a black background because I thought it would be a  great one to tone down the sweetness and to wear it out for a night look.

I remember wearing it by its own, and it looks great as well. This time I tried mix matching accessories to tone it down.

Learning how to mix and match simple necklaces 
TIPS: buy necklaces with different length, pair them together (same tone of colors will look great even if they weren't bought in sets)

An oxford flats will be a plus point to tone down any outfits! 

Tie a denim shirt around the waist, best way to spice things up without putting much effort. 

Dress from Effu, IOI Mall | Denim Shirt from Asia Avenue, Sunway Pyramid | Flats from Verns, IOI Mall, | Necklaces from Forever21 and Padini
THANK YOU! I hope you like this post :) 

Tous Les Jours


Happy Sunday ya'll! :) Yes we've made it, past through a busy week last week. Now go get some tea (or coffee), and do things you love/spend quality time with people you love. :) 

and don't forget to feed your stomach as well. 
Last Friday, I had a spontaneous breakfast/brunch outing with HongKai. He wanted some banana leaf rice but I didn't. I'm pretty lucky coz it was too early the the banana leaf rice restaurant isn't open yet *win**yay*

so we came across this nice cozy little place with loads of breads and cakes displaying, 

I love love love the place! The deco and environment is very quiet and relaxing, great for a relaxing morning when you have time to just, spend quality time with somebody/with yourself. :) 

Candid: fixing my nails i guess. 


His brunch set. Eggs x Bread x Potatoes x Bacon x Salad.
I'm glad he loved it (he was happy because there's two eggs -.-). 
and I love it too! The bread was really soft and crunchy at the outside, the salad was great coz I love vinegar dressings.

Toast x Bananas x Honey x Cream Cheese. 
I would guess this is the bestseller. It is definitely yums! :D 
The toast are really thick and soft!! om nom nom, I need this to handle my bad days. haha. 

The service is really good as well. I was hugging my bag all the time (as you can see in pictures above) because their tables for 2 was too small, the staff came over with another chair for me to put my bag aside so I can eat comfortably. So thoughtful of them! :) plus point for the good food we had.
Price wise, I would say OK not overly pricy. Both brunch we had was not over RM15 each .

Some candid pictures:

& here's one selfie of me and the man behind all the candid shoots.

will definitely go back for brunch with my favorite book :)

If You Could See Me Now


Today is a day where I dressed up nicely and dolled up a little but in end felt a little lazy, so I stayed at home instead. 
A little throwback scenario:
yesterday was a pretty hectic day, 2 major assignments to hand in. I've been doing my work for the whole week, basically just reading tons and tons and tons of journals where some of the font is pretty, user unfriendly :/ but all is well, manage to work on it, and handed it in. 

While I am still organizing pictures here and there, here's a short book review again :D 
If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern

What if love was right there in front of you – you just couldn’t see it?
Elizabeth Egan is too busy for friends. As a reluctant mother to her sister Saoirse’s young son Luke and with her own business to run, every precious moment is made to count.
But with Saoirse crashing in and out of their lives, Luke and Elizabeth are desperately in need of some magic.
Enter Ivan. Wild, spontaneous and always looking for adventure, Ivan changes Elizabeth in ways she could never have imagined.
As for Ivan, he thought he was there to help Luke, not Elizabeth – or himself...

My thoughts:
This is a spontaneous pick just to get one more book for the discount. and I am very very very happy I picked it up! (Thanks KekJin for the recommendation :D). 
It is a book that is very easy to read. It gave me the happy and lighthearted feeling after finishing it off. :) It also brought me tears, like really tear-rolling-down-the-cheeks moment (especially the part where Elizabeth ran to her dad,*sobs*) Even half way reading it, I already have the urge to reread it. :) and for me I really take time to digest Elizabeth's thoughts, and picturing the emotions and places the author described. It makes me feel like I am inside of the story! I didn't want to start a new book because I am still so much indulged in this one, and also partly, I have tons of work to do. 
One thing that I find funny is how Westerners look at Imaginary Friend. I bet if it was a Chinese novel, it would be pictured in a creepy way. lol lol.
I love how Cecelia Ahern wrote this story, with some thoughts to really think of. There's so many quotes in it that I love. Kinda regret I didn't jot em down on a paper. But definitely my favorite at the moment! It's a love story with some magic in it.  Let's go make a wish upon the dandelions and dance by the beach. now where's my Ivan? 

guys, please go visit Book Xcess in Amcorp Mall (top floor). 
It'll be HEAVEN for all of you who loves books. & it is wayyyyyyy cheaper!!!
(for If You Could, it is a hard cover book, and it is only RM17.90 ! ! ) 
& I am really thankful for having a bunch of friends who loves reading like I do. :) 

Just one of my favorite the corner, the thrillers. 

Yup, self-proclaimed Dan Brown Addicts here. 

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