this is a rather personal post. 

to be honest, I've always thought myself of being quite, successful. (haha ok laugh all you want)
well, define success. 

It's being happy, and worry less. 
that is how I would define success. 

I will not say i am VERY successful because I have times when I get very very emotional that I would let negativity override me, like times when the TOM (time of the month) is around the corner. 
but I guess I am pretty much improving on controlling the emotional moments. 

I mean when we need to grief, we grief. 
and afterwards, get over it. 

What inspired me to write on this.  
Last week has been a pretty hectic week for us for assignments and presentation due dates, so everyone was stressed up and going all bibobibobibo. 
then one of my friend ask me: why you still can be so happy one ah! 
 "huh? happy? No, I am stressed up ok, I haven't do this, I haven't do that but it's ok lah I can do this one lah. "
"nah you see you can still be so happy and smile and laugh when you say you stress one." 

and so I realize this is (perhaps) something I am blessed with. 
I don't really know thou, 
whether it is the gene or I just learned to be happy. 

hah, I don't know but does it even matter? 

there's so many sad cases of young people committing suicide. 
if only people could focus on success in terms of being happy, not how many As you get on the cert, not how much money you earn, but just being happy 

So if you are feeling a little down, 
add a BUT in every negativity, 

"It's a bad day, but it is going to end, it's not a bad life"

worry is like a rocking chair, it brings you to nowhere and it drains your energy, 
if you don't like something, do something to change it. 

in psychology we call this the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),
to make it simple, 
we call it looking at the bright side, stay positive. 

have a nice day!


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