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Hi! Today's post is a rather personal one. I'm not sure if any of you will start reading it or not (I hope you do!), Even if you won't, I will still continue babbling.

so, where do I start?

Sometimes I wonder, why do I blog? I wana go for events? I wana get more views? or what?

Then I realize, after so long, I stop blogging every now and then. YET I still come back and blog.
Why? Why blog? Why not just babble in Facebook?

& then I started realizing, I really love, love writing.
I would not say I have the best language ability, I do not have a lot of flowery vocabulary to describe feelings and what not, I am still learning and improving my language.
But I love how words can convey your feelings, so simple, and how they could inspire others at times.

Words are beyond beautiful. 

Some words can be very hurtful thou. 

I used to be in the song composing club back then in high school, from there I started loving writing.

oh and, I love reading as well! I have tons of books at home! For me the best time I can have is when there's a free time for me to sit in a cafe for a whole day, with books, papers and pens. that's it.

Some of my friends can write so so sooooo well! The way they use words to express themselves.... *sigh*. Some of them write poem, some of them are lyricist, some of them are MCs. (proud to have such talented friends!:D) And I do believe a lot of bloggers have the same motivation too!

I guess, I just really love using words to spread the positivity. Nope, I'm not goina babble about how bad my life is, even thou I have hard times every now and then.

If you are reading this, thank you. Thank you for reading. Even though I babble a lot, I hope I can use this simplest way, to express my happiness, my gratitude, and my love to every one of you :)

If you are having a bad day, hang in there, stay positive, stay strong, go have an ice-cream coz bad things are ending soon.

Have a nice day!

p/s: bloggers out there! hello! I'm just curious, why do you blog? :)

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