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I've been having a fruitful March so far. Lots of events happening, lots of work to do, lots of things to share. 

So I shall not waste any time now. 
My uncle came back to Malaysia after more than 8 years living in USA! I am so so glad he came home :) After settling the stuff, we all got ready for a family reunion dinner.

My sister and I. 

Went Grand Kingdom @ Tropicana City Mall for a very very late dinner. 

a very belated Lou Sang
This is the first time I try this kinda lou sang. It is more of a salad. They have veges, roasted chicken, dried yam and nuts with some salad dressings. SO DAYUM! 

Mushrooms x Toufu x Vege with gravy on it. It was incredibly yummy! 

Steam Fish. Yummy as well. 

This roasted chicken was the highlight of the day. Haha. It was super delicious! Now too dry and the skin of the chicken is crispy too! *droooools*

Fried rice with lots of dried shrimp and barbecue pork in it! slurps! 

Even thou we had our tummy stuffed with all these good food, there is always space for dessert. 
Almond tong sui. Not a fan of it thou :/

I have no idea what dessert is this called in English. It is 杨枝甘露 in Chinese. It has mango in it i guess. 

And this is my favourite! Tao Fu Fah!! It is so yummy and smooth! 

 They provide small rooms for family gathering/party as well, with karaoke settings inside! 

Everyone enjoyed the karaoke session so much.

Floral top (secondhand) x Black Skinnies from MNG x Black Boots from Agapeboutique x Studded Clutch from Lovey Dovey x Bracelets from Diva

Last but not least, a family portrait. 

By far my favorite picture of the night. 

Bye Uncle Eddie & Gregg. Can't wait for you guys to come visit again next year! It has been so so so long. My March has been wonderful because of your presence and laughter we had. We will miss you, like how we always did. 



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