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Hello! It has been a productive day so far! :) Before I start posting about the event, please get a cup of water and finish it off, NOW. The haze is getting terrible :/ 

Ok, about the event.  
I went for Freshel Launch Event on 5th March. 
Thank you Jess for bringing me along :)! 

Jess & I
(check out her blog! She blogs about amazing events, sales, food and much more! here)

It was held at The Spa, The Club Saujana Resort
which i thought was the perfect venue for events like this! The atmosphere was really good for ladies to pamper themselves there trying out the new products.
& as you can see, YuHeng was the ambassador for Freshel products! I am so so happy I get to see her in real life!

Here is a bit about Freshel:
"Freshel is a high quality skin care series that offers multifunctional items containing carefully-selected ingredients, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, and technologies to quickly and surely provide ingredients developed based on years of cosmetic research by skin specialists."

Their concept on beauty products is specially designed for busy woman who still wants to give their skin what they deserve. It is under Kanebo company, where they also have other beauty products such as the cosmetic brand KATE. 
for more please visit their website here
their Facebook fan page here

So we ended up trying out Kate makeups before the event starts. There were professionals there to guide us about the makeup products or other beauty products :)


Jess getting some touch ups.

Both of us listening tentatively to Cloey for some useful makeup tips! :) (spotted in Freshel Facebook page!)
Jess and I came to a conclusion that all Cloeys are nice people because everyone we know named Cloey are really nice. haha!

And then the event starts.

Opening speech by Kanebo Cosmetics Malaysia chief executive officer Masahiro Yamasaki.

General Manager of Watson's Malaysia - Caryn Loh

now here comes YuHeng! *drumsroll*

She came right from the back of me and it gave me a minor shock. (fangirl-ing inside)

 YuHeng actually wrote a song from Freshel the night before in 10 minutes! That's amazing :D 

Wanted to snap a pic with her and talk to her but she was too busy being interviewed by the media. :( 

Here's some of the products displayed on that day. They have a wide range of products for different skin types.


Whitening range if you wish for a fairer complexion

Moisture to keep our skin hydrated especially here in Malaysia with the amount of sun and air conditioner exposures.

Ex Moisture for people who needs major boost of hydration.

I tried on their samples for Moisture BB cream and it was really light-weight and moisturizing! I love it :)

Manage to snap a pic with Yamasaki san. 

I was waiting for my mom to come pick me up since I do not have a car at the moment, so I just wandered around, socially awkward not knowing what to do.
Just then.... I saw YuHeng standing up, about to finish her interviews 
so I literally ran over. 


She looks really pretty in person as well! ;)
I get to tell her I love her songs since primary school and what not, she started to say: please don't say that, it sounds like I am getting so old! *laughs*


Cut-out crop top x Leather Skirt x Army outerwear from SomeWear Over the Rainbow

We get to bring home some products from Freshel! Thank you!

It is the Moisture series which I wanted! 

Yay. Happy girl is happy.
Gonna do a review on their products very very soon! :) 

Freshel products will be available in Watson and Sasa Malaysia very soon by the end of March. Their prices are very affordable as well! (will write about it on the product review post)

signing off. 


* pictures credited to Jess :)

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  1. haha, thanks for linking the video. I should have stayed back too for a picture with her. thank god for the other event. btw awesome write up <3 can't wait to use freshel products soon :D



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