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Hi ;) Class started on Monday and everything was going pretty ok. Just, I need to start doing a lot of reading and brain storming for the upcoming assignments and thesis :/

I am now craving for lots of cakes. CAKES. all kinds of cakes I have no idea why. Can I crave for salad instead? D:

Actually went Empire Soho in Subang last week i guess. Spontaneously called Cloey out to go for Tanks for 5 Warehouse sales! got a few items from there. gotta post it up in another haul post. Went to fix our cravings after that. It feels like a 'tai tai' date where we went shopping and tea after that, except we were not as glam as those real 'tai tai' LOL.

Our tea time at Espresso Lab @ Empire Soho, Subang

Chose this spot because Cloey says we will have better appetite and mood by just starring at these yummy cakes displayed. 

Ice Tea. I really love the aroma of the tea! :)

Nutella Crepe Cake. No doubt it is their best seller. 1st, it's Nutella. 2nd, it's a crepe cake. the combination was great! I love that it wasn't too sweet as I expect it to be. Just nice with the taste of the nuts in every bite. noms.

I am not going to lie, They are quite expensive. Ice Tea was RM12 and Nutella Crepe was RM14. But the atmosphere was good, staffs were friendly and food was yummy so we were satisfied. 

They provide water as well! yay! That kept us sitting there talking (or you would like to call it gossip) for quite a while.

#selfie with Cloey's HTC again. 


Sling Studded bag from LoveyDovey Fashion x Stripe Skater Skirt (online) x Basic Cream Top x Sweat Jacket from Mizz Demeanor x Floral Creepers from Agapeboutique

oh and just in case you are wondering....
These are the bargain I got from the warehouse sales. RM50 in total for 3 tops, 2 skirts and a dress! #somuchwin

I'm sorry I couldn't get to blog about it in time, but I do instantly update my Twitter for the sales I went :) 

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