Baby's Breath x Lavender


Hi! :) Happy Sunday. Two more weeks till I start my new semester! I am actually quite excited about it, despite being a bit anxious about the assignments and finals.

I still have a lot of washi tapes leftovers from the DIY Planner i made. (read here)
So i decided to spice up my boring little empty container that I use to put my flowers in.



It wasn't much but it looks waaaayyyy better than before, 
My washi tapes are from Vanesday & Daiso :)
Flowers from Cameron Highland :D 

Tied a note on the vase so that I could be inspired and reminded. 

I am so, so obsessed with these flowers! They are my current favourite! 
Lavender x Baby's Breath. 
I can already imagine having a place full of Baby's Breath ^_______^ 

Baby's Breath Flower Symbolism:
My first time falling in love with this flower is from the Japanese movie 'Sky of Love'  (Koizora/恋空)
and the second time falling in love with it is when HongKai gave me these lovely babies :) 

"The symbolic meaning of baby's breath flowers is purity of heart,innocence, the breath of the Holy Spirit." 

 "The symbolic meaning of lavender flowers is best wishes, purity, silence and good luck."

Smile. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday. 

Sending my prayers to all people involved in MH370. 
May this nightmare be over soon. 

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