Why Blog?


Hi! Today's post is a rather personal one. I'm not sure if any of you will start reading it or not (I hope you do!), Even if you won't, I will still continue babbling.

so, where do I start?

Sometimes I wonder, why do I blog? I wana go for events? I wana get more views? or what?

Then I realize, after so long, I stop blogging every now and then. YET I still come back and blog.
Why? Why blog? Why not just babble in Facebook?

& then I started realizing, I really love, love writing.
I would not say I have the best language ability, I do not have a lot of flowery vocabulary to describe feelings and what not, I am still learning and improving my language.
But I love how words can convey your feelings, so simple, and how they could inspire others at times.

Words are beyond beautiful. 

Some words can be very hurtful thou. 

I used to be in the song composing club back then in high school, from there I started loving writing.

oh and, I love reading as well! I have tons of books at home! For me the best time I can have is when there's a free time for me to sit in a cafe for a whole day, with books, papers and pens. that's it.

Some of my friends can write so so sooooo well! The way they use words to express themselves.... *sigh*. Some of them write poem, some of them are lyricist, some of them are MCs. (proud to have such talented friends!:D) And I do believe a lot of bloggers have the same motivation too!

I guess, I just really love using words to spread the positivity. Nope, I'm not goina babble about how bad my life is, even thou I have hard times every now and then.

If you are reading this, thank you. Thank you for reading. Even though I babble a lot, I hope I can use this simplest way, to express my happiness, my gratitude, and my love to every one of you :)

If you are having a bad day, hang in there, stay positive, stay strong, go have an ice-cream coz bad things are ending soon.

Have a nice day!

p/s: bloggers out there! hello! I'm just curious, why do you blog? :)

Espresso Lab


Hi ;) Class started on Monday and everything was going pretty ok. Just, I need to start doing a lot of reading and brain storming for the upcoming assignments and thesis :/

I am now craving for lots of cakes. CAKES. all kinds of cakes I have no idea why. Can I crave for salad instead? D:

Actually went Empire Soho in Subang last week i guess. Spontaneously called Cloey out to go for Tanks for 5 Warehouse sales! got a few items from there. gotta post it up in another haul post. Went to fix our cravings after that. It feels like a 'tai tai' date where we went shopping and tea after that, except we were not as glam as those real 'tai tai' LOL.

Our tea time at Espresso Lab @ Empire Soho, Subang

Chose this spot because Cloey says we will have better appetite and mood by just starring at these yummy cakes displayed. 

Ice Tea. I really love the aroma of the tea! :)

Nutella Crepe Cake. No doubt it is their best seller. 1st, it's Nutella. 2nd, it's a crepe cake. the combination was great! I love that it wasn't too sweet as I expect it to be. Just nice with the taste of the nuts in every bite. noms.

I am not going to lie, They are quite expensive. Ice Tea was RM12 and Nutella Crepe was RM14. But the atmosphere was good, staffs were friendly and food was yummy so we were satisfied. 

They provide water as well! yay! That kept us sitting there talking (or you would like to call it gossip) for quite a while.

#selfie with Cloey's HTC again. 


Sling Studded bag from LoveyDovey Fashion x Stripe Skater Skirt (online) x Basic Cream Top x Sweat Jacket from Mizz Demeanor x Floral Creepers from Agapeboutique

oh and just in case you are wondering....
These are the bargain I got from the warehouse sales. RM50 in total for 3 tops, 2 skirts and a dress! #somuchwin

I'm sorry I couldn't get to blog about it in time, but I do instantly update my Twitter for the sales I went :) 

February Favourites (Food, Music etc)


Hi! I know March is coming to an end already. My new semester will be starting on Monday. To be honest, I am pretty excited about it :) Still in a progress settling some financial stuff and doing lots of journal reading lately. :]]

In this post I will be sharing some stuff that I have been loving for February.


If you haven't, I have been blogging a lot about DIYs (here) using washi tapes lately! Mine are all from either Daiso or Vanesday. I have been addicted to it as you can see....

I even spontaneously used it to spice up my study table LOL (sorry for the messy table #notreally #justsaying)


I am totally addicted to this! The lyrics are powerful and meaningful as well. When the beat drops, from the very beginning, I will go i-need-to-dance-to-this! :D It is that addictive to me, I am still listening to it until now!

for the month of February, I specifically love this TenRen Green Tea. I am a tea fanatic. But last year I tried out pretty much green tea and I didn't really like them compared to this one here.


These are freshly from Cameron Highland. It was juicy, sweet, and very very cheap! 4 packets for only RM10. And they call it Jelly Tomatoes instead. lol. I know not everyone fancy the taste of tomatoes, but I really love it. Coz it is a very convenient way to add some nutrients to my meal.

My homemade breakfast that I have been making for some of the mornings. 
mashed potatoes x cherry tomatoes x egg x mushrooms x carrots
I hope when the semester starts I still get to make these, even thou I still fail to make it every morning during the holiday. :/

This is a love at first sight item. LOL
This pair of earrings are simple yet edgy. Something that I've been wearing very frequently! :) 
It is from Fblock (I got it from the SetiaWalk outlet), & they are surprisingly cheap! I think it was RM4.90/RM3.90. 

So that pretty much sums up my February favorites. Click here if you wana read about my other February Favorites of the cosmetics that I've been loving :)

And it started raining! :) Best time to nap. But gotta head out to work.

Hope you are having a nice day!

San Nae Deul Korean BBQ


I have been really craving for Korean food lately. I wasn't a big fan of it until I tried San Nae Deul and another one in Mont Kiara. 

HongKai and I decided to have a lunch meet up and this is the 2nd time we visit this place.

San Nae Deul Korean BBQ @ Setia Walk, Puchong.

Yes it is a restaurant for Korean BBQ but we were actually attracted to the lunch set they offer there! Talk about Korean BBQ, they are often pricey. But the set lunch they provide is rather affordable!

Lunch Set that comes with a drink of your choice, soup and kimchi for only RM10 ++!!!

This is their lunch hour Korean BBQ menu. 

some selfies while waiting for lunch

Look of the day: decided to put my hair up into a messy bun with minimal makeup and orange lips.

& I got fed up with him taking zillion photos of me stoning like an idiot. -.-

We didn't wait for long until the food came, maybe because we were enjoying watching RunningMan playing in the restaurant haha!
Apple Juice.

My Dwaeji Galbi (Korean-style Pork Ribs). Which was super yummy! As you can see their portion is quite big. I just realize I order the exact same set for the second time. LOL.


His Bulgogi Set (grilled marinated beef). Unfortunately he said he didn't have as much beef as my pork ribs. So he wasn't that pleased but he still enjoyed the meal overall especially the side dishes!


I personally love their lunch set, particularly the Dwaeji Galbi set. I love the spacious environment as well. :)

Korean BBQ San Nae Deul
D-01-G, Ground Floor, Block D, 
SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47160 Puchong Selangor

Grand Kingdom Restaurant


I've been having a fruitful March so far. Lots of events happening, lots of work to do, lots of things to share. 

So I shall not waste any time now. 
My uncle came back to Malaysia after more than 8 years living in USA! I am so so glad he came home :) After settling the stuff, we all got ready for a family reunion dinner.

My sister and I. 

Went Grand Kingdom @ Tropicana City Mall for a very very late dinner. 

a very belated Lou Sang
This is the first time I try this kinda lou sang. It is more of a salad. They have veges, roasted chicken, dried yam and nuts with some salad dressings. SO DAYUM! 

Mushrooms x Toufu x Vege with gravy on it. It was incredibly yummy! 

Steam Fish. Yummy as well. 

This roasted chicken was the highlight of the day. Haha. It was super delicious! Now too dry and the skin of the chicken is crispy too! *droooools*

Fried rice with lots of dried shrimp and barbecue pork in it! slurps! 

Even thou we had our tummy stuffed with all these good food, there is always space for dessert. 
Almond tong sui. Not a fan of it thou :/

I have no idea what dessert is this called in English. It is 杨枝甘露 in Chinese. It has mango in it i guess. 

And this is my favourite! Tao Fu Fah!! It is so yummy and smooth! 

 They provide small rooms for family gathering/party as well, with karaoke settings inside! 

Everyone enjoyed the karaoke session so much.

Floral top (secondhand) x Black Skinnies from MNG x Black Boots from Agapeboutique x Studded Clutch from Lovey Dovey x Bracelets from Diva

Last but not least, a family portrait. 

By far my favorite picture of the night. 

Bye Uncle Eddie & Gregg. Can't wait for you guys to come visit again next year! It has been so so so long. My March has been wonderful because of your presence and laughter we had. We will miss you, like how we always did. 



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