Once in a while, we tend to fell enthusiastic to talk to someone, but there are those grumpy days that make us trying to avoid and be 'cold' to someone too.

well, at least that's me. (especially on those PMS days, blame the hormone *excuses!*)

But then lately, I've met a few really nice strangers.

There was this one day I was recruiting participants for my lecturer's study, I came across a daddy of a young daughter. He was kind that he say he was interested in the research so I jot down his contact and so. Normally after this, people I approach will smile to me and we say bye. But this young daddy, let's call him Mr.S, he saw me sitting down, obviously looking bored, and walked over to me. and we started talking. Even after it was his turn to bring his baby to the doctor, he came back and talked to me again. Nope, not direct sales promoting. We talked about my studies, my future career, his research.... for about 30 minutes. He also advised me to prepare early for my future and he shared his awesome work! :D That really had made my day.

Yesterday, I checked my email and there was a mail regarding my high school Chong Hwa. I was wondering whether or not it is a spam LOL LOL. But my instinct led me to open it up and read it. It was, also, from a daddy who asked about my opinion on Chong Hwa primary school since I've wrote up on Chong Hwa High School. Even though I wasn't able to give my opinion on the school (I'm not from Chong Hwa Primary School), I gave him some thoughts on Chinese Primary School education system. Although he was writing in to seek for info, I still think he is very nice! This is the first time somebody write in after reading my blog post :D :D :D
*Thank you for those who'd been reading. I know this may sound a bit syok sendiri, but, it motivates me to not only write more, it also motivates me to improve my language and write up on inspiring topic*

It is so wonderful how strangers can make you feel happy, until now I am still very happy!

So, a quick thought,

We can either be a nice stranger, make somebody's day but maybe helping them to hold the door or say thank you after they hold the door for you. 


We can be the nasty stranger, not showing any manners, ignoring the person who holds the door for you. This, I call it taking things for granted. (we all have bad days but smiling can eventually brighten your day and  even other's day)


Just be the neutral one, live in our own world, plug in the earphones, PRETEND not to see/hear when we can offer to help. Sometimes, it is good to ignore, BUT NOT IGNORING THE MANNERS. 

We can all be better. 

i am going to smile at a stranger later, maybe I'll pick a lengzai to smile to. LOL LOL.

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