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Hellllooooo! Today I'll be writing up about my valentine's day. better late than never ey. My laptop is finally functioning quite normally until this point. I hope it stays the way it is up till the end of this post. :/

This year's Valentine's day has been the best of mine so far. :) I don't want to be cheesy, I just wana write up about day.

Typical seat belt selfie. 

The night before, around 11pm, I was feeling really, really sleepy which was unusual o.o I have no idea why. This guy suddenly pop up outside my room. I gotta admit i was moved. He is not the romantic kinda guy, well, he is, but, not always. LOL. He always try to explain that if he gives me too much of surprises I'll be bored with it. 

And he brought this along. 
He even read out the words on the paper bag and i couldn't stop laughing. too cheesy too cheesy. Do people really call their girlfriend/boyfriend all these?! especially baby cakes. haha!

and i went back to bed, feeling so so blessed and happy :) Thank you!

Woke up the next day and decided to show my love on V-day not only for him, but also for my family members. 

From top left: sister's, mom's, brother's, dad's. 

for him.

The day continued in the evening. 

Gave him the present i got him and read him the letter while we were stuck in jam, and we kept saying these people are also on the way to celebrate V-day.
 It was emotional (in a good way) while reading the letter. It was my first time reading a letter for him, or anyone, which i  felt we should write more to each other. 

The restaurant we went for the typical V-day procedure was Star Village @ Kuchai Lama
I have always been a fan for Western cuisine :D 

balloons deco on V-day

My favourite one is the 2nd, and his was the 3rd and he always have a shoot of me unprepared and unglam. 

Ordered their signature drink: Sun Tea :D 
Which was absolutely yummy! It has a very strong aroma of the fruits and tea, also, it is sour, and i love it :D

We ordered 3 dishes, for two of us. 

#1 Salmon. 
This is absolutely YUMMY! I mean you just can't go wrong with Salmon. & their coleslaw is really tasty. there's no raw vege taste in it (you get what i mean?) 

#2 Lamb Steak w/ mint & brown sauce.
There's two pieces of lamb steak here. The portion is huge and the mint sauce is very rich, which i loved. :D They also serve this with fruit salad. 

#3 Rib Eye w/ brown and black pepper sauce.
I personally didn't fancy the brown sauce but the black pepper sauce was yummy. The taste went really well with the rib eye steak. *drooling*

Overall rating: 8/10! 
I was very very satisfied with the food - big portion, a lot of salad, yummy sauce and reasonable price (overall RM106++). definitely willing to visit next time. Atmosphere was good. and i just found out they have different theme for different branches. This one in Kuchai Lama is based on antique museum theme.  

1, Jalan 10/116B, Kuchai Entrepreneur's Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
TEL: 03-7984 311

happy tummy faces. 

And we headed off to Desa Park City. This guy actually tried to surprise me again by telling me we are heading to Publika for a drink but instead he was going to bring me to Desa Park City coz I have been telling him to bring me there. haha. 

It wasn't planned so I walked around with my heels -.-


Top | Asia Avenue 
Furry Skirt | Kitschen
Heels| Kampar

Yea, he was a bit handsome that night, a bit lol lol. 

I find that he takes the best picture of me, it is difficult to describe but I guess it is because he knows best which angle I look good (and not good at haha). I am very happy about this :)

In the end my legs hurt from walking in heels so we sat down and had some BR ice-cream.

All in all, it was the best Vday I've ever had :) Thank you for the little surprises, thank you. Even though it has been some time, I am still feeling blessed and grateful. And now, both of us are heading back to the busy daily routine like before, with a stronger bond between us, and having each other mentally supporting each other. 


p/s: I didn't have a phone with me that time so all the pictures were taken with my sister's Samsung Galaxy Tab

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