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Oh hello! This post is up for all the sweet tooth.

Went out for a spontaneous shopping day with my sister and Cloey on a Saturday, and chilled at restaurant in Setia Walk Puchong - Padi House.

It is not my first time here, i basically just love their dessert promo. LOL LOL. They always have the BUY A CHEESECAKE & GET 50% OFF ON DRINKS.

#1 My Choice
Yogurt Cheesecake. 

I love Yogurt so this is a plus point for me. It doesn't taste too much like a cheesecake but i love the fact that it is a balance of both flavors, not one flavor covering up the other, so, I LOVE IT. :D

As always, I picked Green Tea Latte for my drink. 
(yes, they have cookies beside to compliment your cup of coffee :D )

 #2 Cloey's Choice
Oreo Cheesecake.

 Now c'mon, who doesn't love the combination of Cheese x Oreo? This was really 'cheesy'. HAHA. 

She had Cappuccino as her pick.


Yummy Tummy & it was a cardigan kind of day, three of us wore cardigan that day.

Oh Oh Tee Dee

Top | second hand
Cardigan | USA
Skater Skirt | Tanks for 5
Sequined Flat | Vern's
Bag | Sungai Wang
Bracelet | Diva & IOI Mall
Watch | Vincci
Necklace | Birthday Gift from a friend :) 

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