I don't know why, but it seems like my devices is reminding me they are old already
or maybe they are just trying to gime a hard time.

1st, my camera.
The SD card is not readable anymore. -.- I have no idea why. But it is still okay, I'll just have to get a new SD card, and lost all the previous photos. luckily i upload them every now and then.

2nd, my phone.
Ok, this is my fault apparently. I dropped it into the toilet *sighhh*. So long, my buddy HTC, you've been a ready good phone to me. You'll be missed.

3rd, my laptop!
My essential. I am current;y typing this using the PC. which didn't work very well when i wana upload some pictures. and I need to start my research on my thesis already! :/ my laptop was very slow already, and she decided to restart everytime i was halfway reading my journals. THANKS LAPPIE THANKS.

end of the minnie x devices story.

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