Smokey Night Out


too energetic for an exciting day
I think this has to be the most efficient blog post ever. 

What I did yesterday: Woke up late, ate, clean up the house (endless job), munch on snacks, dinner, and got ready for a night out with Kai.

and out of a sudden there were so much time for me to prepare, I had more than an hour to prepare so I decided to film myself putting on make up.

It's so amazing looking at the video, at myself. LOL LOL. Cosmetic products are the best thing ever. Intended to show what products I am using but in the end I was too lazy and tired to show everything.

P/S: This is not a tutorial, just a channel to share how I put on full make up and bits like that.

I wana post this ASAP because I will definitely be a coward and let the video die off later on. 
okay you wana judge just go ahead, thankyouverymuch #idontevencare

here goes nothing

or Click HERE

on the side note,
after uploading the videos, i became a coward, and didn't dare to publish.

publishing the post now.... or never.

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