Reviewing 2013


Happy New Year! I really cannot accept the fact that it's 2014 already, and I am hitting my 21st soon.

So today I'll be throwing back reviewing some events that have made my 2013 really awesome. and also, reflecting what I've done in short since i did not blog for months.

here are some off the highlights in my 2013.

#1. my cousin's baby, Jarrod was born, bringing the family so much joy :D 

#2 I had a puppy, a toy poodle named Charcoal, he's the fluffiest little creature ever. Yet he passed away due to virus infection. we will never forget you little one :')

#3 CNY family trip in Ipoh

#Valentine's day and i got my first rose from him

#4 A honey trip to Malacca :D

#5 His 20th Birthday and i wore the dress he gave me last christmaas, er i mean the christmas in 2012 

#5 my 20th. celebrating with a lot of my besties and family members :D 

#6 Adopted a furry kid, she's MongMong

#7 Lots of dance performances, Estillio and Urban Groove 

#8 Family events are even more precious nowadays

 #9 Manage to bring family for a day off to Sunway Lagoon

#8 Our 2nd Anni

#9 A black labrador that looks exactly like our previous one turned up at our gate one night, he's Beary

 #10 Raya trip with the family and my parent's hiking friends

#11 Currently one of Ms Woo's research assistant

#12 Carbonara went for a band competition

 #13 Went for the concert that you must go to at least once in your lifetime - MayDay

#14 Dressed up as Agnes from Despicable Me during Halloween day

#15 Malaysia Psychology Conference in UTAR and Kampar trip with uni mates 

#16 Ended my Year 2 in uni after all the assignments and finals *phew*

 #17 Project Hip Hope which strengthen my passion about dance and bond between the UGians. 

#15 Ended it off, with the UG Family.

These are only the highlights of 2013. a lot of other daily events have also been really memorable, built me as a person I am today :) I had a hard time picking and remembering what had happened in 2013 (too many pictures, too many events, some i dont even remember it had happened in 2013 lol).

All in all, 
2013 has been a great year. 
It's just another day stepping into 2014. 
but today, 
let's pat ourselves on the shoulder, 
tell ourselves we did great in 2013, 
to a better 2014 *cling*

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