Hello! I've been really putting effort to use my DSLR more often to snap my outfits so that i can blog about them, not only using my phone camera but UNFORTUNATELY! the memory card is having some problem, my laptop couldnt read it! T.T

but oh wells, gotta bear with the unglam quality photos then.

I've been hanging out with lots of friends for the past two weeks. mainly celebrating birthdays. coz we are all hitting 21st this year (o.o).

#1 Casual Dinner + In A Rush outfit
Quickly put on a  floral romper because it was easy to put on since I was rushing LOL. Paired it with a shoulder padded jacket to give it a more sleek finish. 
but, my hair was a mess. 

Romper | Kitschen
Mint Watch | Vincci

Arrow Necklace | Forever 21

On my arms 
YinYang Bracelet | Penang
Simple Bracelet | Cotton On

Bag | TimeSquare
Flats | IOI Mall 

They say you can look slimmer if you cover your face with one hand. 
the toothache pose. 

#2 The Girls Day Out
So, I put on some sweet color coz it was a brunch date with the lovely girls. 

Top | Nile (it was actually a romper but it was too sheer! :/)
Pleated Skirt | Brands Outlet
Bag | Asia Avenue @ Sunway Pyramid
Flats | IOI Mall

Pastel Skull | Diva
Skull | Online Boutique (i forgot where did i get it :/)
Seashells (lol) | Sabah (from Kai)

#3 Sleek + Black
Had a spontaneous hype to dress up a little. A date with Kai. 

Black Jeans | MNG
Heels| somewhere in IOI Mall i forgot heh
&, I didn't snap close up pic of my accessories. 

So this is basically it. 
I downsized my wardrobe a few days earlier but, since Chinese New Year is getting near, I doubt the wardrobe will keep this size for long. haha

p/s: maybe no one is interested in what i wear but i love to keep track on what I've been wearing on different occasions. It's like how some people love to keep track on what they eat or how the sky is like. We have different preference so don't judge. 

Have a nice day ahead!

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