New Year Eve


Yups blogging about how did i celebrated my new year.

On New Year's Eve, woke up early in the morning and went to the morning market yumcha and exchanged the very belated xmas gifts with my honeys.

then prepared to attend my cousin's wedding buffet :)

Outfit for the New Year:


Top | Online Boutique (closed down)
Maxi Skirt | Tanksfor5 
Heels | SoLight (Mummy's)

Accessories | IOI Mall (a small vintage stall in centre court of new wing)


Experimented with a different eye make - Puple x Pink Smokey Eyes. (couldn't see it from the pic thou :/) 
Lips using 3CE Lip Pigment in Mellow Pink 

Deco at my cousin's house is so pretty! 

Cake made by my cousin sister! Contact her :D 
p/s: it was my cousin's baby's birthday as well! double the joy!

These little cakes from Coffee Bean is so yummy i can't even! I am going to go for a second round soon. NOMZ!

Unfortunately we need to leave earlier to Kota Kemuning for Jayhan's countdown party. forgot to snap a pick with the bride with my phone before leaving! :/ I'll just wait for them to upload it up. 

Happy newly wed cousin! You look absolutely stunning. I wish you all the best and I can't wait for your baby girl to join the family real soon :D 

and so, we rushed to Jayhan's party. 
Once i enter, 
we started posing

with Jayhan's awesome collections! O.O

Thanks Jayhan for inviting :D 

Estillio and omma Silvya (heart!)

and we mad love Jayhan's pom named baby *awwww*

and yup, 
this is how we ended our 2013, 
with good companion, 
and awesome laughter.

 (pictures of Jayhan's party all from different phones, not mine)

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