Hi! Happy weekend ya'll. I know I've been updating quite often nowadays, but today, i really want to blog about this.

Yesterday morning, both of my huge dogs were barking at the shoe rack, keep scratching underneath the shoe rack. we did not know what was wrong with both them. Anxious as well because, it might be a rat or snake.

and then,
i heard "MEOW", a tiny little meow.


spent so much time to catch it out. pity little kitty. she got swollen eyes and we didnt know why. we were so scared it might die suddenly :/

brought her to the vet this morning. luckily it was just flu. 
p/s: wearing a glove because we didnt know what's wrong with this poor furry little kid. 

It's only 2 months old. 
a female kitty. 

so tinnyyyyy!

and she got comfortable in the tiny little show box. 

Recorded her while we were waiting for the vet 

my brother recorded her sleeping soundly in the shoe box. 

we still dont know whether we should keep it or not because, 
1st, I have two huge dogs at home and i dont think they really love kitties. 
2nd, not really a cat person but, this kitty is so cuteeee! :]
3rd, i have no idea how to take care of a kitty -.-

but we'll see how it goes. :D 

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