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Hello! I've been busy the whole day yesterday, working in the afternoon and went back with a really exhausted mind. But the highlight of the day was that i get to have a short break in between, giving me the opportunity to read a bit of my book while sipping my favourite drink. *mhmmmm*

But I'll blog about that later.

I think most of the people did not know (and i forgot to include this in my 2013 recap blog post)

someone broke into my car. *sigh*
 I forgot when was it but it happened under the bridge outside Sri Petaling LRT station. I parked beside the road (where there's a lot of cars passing by all the time idk how they can do this, not only to my cars but another 2 or 3 more cars behind me), went for a walk in Bukit Jalil park and came back to this.

SO YEA. i lost my favourite bag with my ultimate favourite purse (with lots of Polaroid pics in it!!!) and planner inside. 
BUT i am thankful that I am safe, and I had someone to count on when this incident happened andddd there's no cash in my purse LOL LOL. sorry ah to whoever who stole it.
LESSON LEARNT: DO NOT LEAVE BAGS IN CAR. (i know plez don't nag me already)

Since I'd lost my planner (those that are reusable each year, and it had been with me since i was 14)
I've decided to make one this year since couldn't get one that I really like and worth the money (planners are expensive!) Wanted to get the Starbucks one but, I really couldn't drink so much of coffee. :/

What you need (or at least what I've needed):

Color papers
A notebook. I love the ring type so i can flip it over and tear the pages off. 
Masking tapes! :D my addiction at the moment. (they also call this the Washi Tape)
and stationary

these cute polka dots and lace tapes are from Daiso.

These masking tapes and stickers are from Vanesday 
They sell really affordable and pretty masking tapes! They even have promo every now and then, also! they share a lot of ideas on how to use masking tapes. 

Sorry for the lighting, these are the stickers i got. Got it mainly due to the months stickers. haha.

so I basically spent quite a lot of time doing this. drawing boxes for each month. and put different masking tape and stickers on top because it looks boring without it. haha.
(also i love my April's deco most because, it's my birthday month, have to be prettier one)

Side view. 
I picked this notebook to start off with because it has so many colors! :D 

Close up. 
Got the idea to use the masking tape like this from Vanesday
but mine is a bit failed la. :/

Now for the most interesting part
The cover!
(omg i mad love!)

back view 
(as you can see I've became so tired that i started speeding up LOL LOL)

this is my first experience using masking tape and let me tell you this. 
it makes your deco life so much easier!!!!! 
what i did was: 
pull, cut, paste. 
and TADAH it looks so beautiful! 

and i didn't even plan before i started. 
I just spontaneously went on it. 
and best thing about masking tapes:
stick wrongly? just pull it out and it won't leave on any traces AND the masking tape can still be used to stick on other places! 
why didn't i discover masking tapes before this. 

So yea, I've got my very own DIY planner. heh. planners are my daily essentials. I always believe if we write down stuffs, resolutions, deadlines or other important stuff, we are more likely to do them. 



  1. I feel sorry for the incident D:

    ❤ you have a unique planner~~

  2. hey babe! didn't know that you have a blog and what more is that you been doing this for 3 YEARS! why you no tell? haha :D

    I super love your planner lo. but knowing how lazy I am, I doubt I can ever sit down and spend hours on it lo. haha. I got 3 free planners from work. thank you lord. I was also tempted to get the starbucks one. but it was too expensive la D: oh wells.

    Btw i am glad that you are safe. these days everywhere is dangerous D: Be safe! <3



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