Degree in Psychology #4


Hiiiii! guess we all know what happened when i have this titled blog post. Results are out. Just in time after my dance rehearsal, i thought it would be nice to watch a YouTube video and chill a bit first, and my classmate told me the results are out.

A recap of my Year 2 semester,
good or bad,
I have no idea.

Well, I think it is a half-half.

Good in terms that I had fun doing the coursework, and scored pretty well for it.
My group mates are all considerate, nice and helpful. (omg thank you all of you i love you all)
Lecturers were helpful as well, they were all nice :)

But it's just I did not score for the finals. MEH :/ I think I need to have some changes in terms of studying. Well i study (or so-called read through) a month before but, I always memorize the horrible terms the day before exams. lol lol. So i am basically stuffing loads of stuff into my pity little brain on the night before, and vomit everything in the exam hall hahahah. Ok, this need to be changed (remind me plez haha).

ok fine.
it was a great semester thou. I had fun, well, that is what matters right? :) I've learned a lot. I really learned! not just for the sake of scoring (well part of it is lahhh). and also, the overall average marks were better (yay!) so i think overall, good la. *pats shoulder*

SO, Thank you for the bunch of wonderful course mates for the wonderful semester once again :)
See you guys in March :)

die die also must put a selfie to end my post. 

p/s: Photo taken from Cloey's HTC, omg why my face so long already. o.o

This post was written at 1:50am but I just scheduled it coz i don't think people will be reading in the middle of the night. so, yea, goodnight.

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