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Hello! Two more days till CNY! :D

but honestly, I wasn't too excited this year. I am only excited I could have an excuse to go for shopping, and i have lots of yummy dishes and cookies to eat.

STILLLLL, I think the CNY is the great opportunity for us to get together, be it our family, relatives or friends. :)

talking about cookies, I just got my order from my friend Season ytd. She has this online site selling yummy cookies! (I am not even joking about how yummy it is).

Having my breakfast like this in the morning! :) 
(since I haven't been awake at such *ehem* early time now) - it's 10am by the way.

She recommended this Lemon Pistachio cookies for me, and I really love it!

Lemon Pistachio Cookies

**RM 23 per jar

Do you know that the Chinese name of pistachio is 開心果(Happy Nut) and it's mean a joyful person who can also affect the others by making them happy?

So when life gives you lemons, sprinkle it with pistachio

Butter Cookies (RM18)

Their packaging is so pretty! :D:D 
I can see how much effort she put in when baking these cookies. 

My comment?
Take away the fact that she is my friend, 
I really love how the cookies taste like. 
We all know how some CNY cookies can be too salty/oily (eg: fried crab meat, seaweed cookies)
It is unlike the typical CNY cookies. They can be eaten on normal occasions, or special occasions (like on a  birthday party!) & the packaging is perfect for a gift to someone. 

Price wise? well I would say this is the standard price for CNY cookies in KL. since the price is almost the same, the quality of the cookies makes a difference. 

I just found the right choice of cookies to pair it with my choice of tea for tea time now.

even the very picky Kai find it yummy too! 

How's your CNY preparation going on? :)

Note: They are not taking orders for CNY now 
BUT Valentine's day is near! *hint*

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