Cookies Go Round


Hello! Two more days till CNY! :D

but honestly, I wasn't too excited this year. I am only excited I could have an excuse to go for shopping, and i have lots of yummy dishes and cookies to eat.

STILLLLL, I think the CNY is the great opportunity for us to get together, be it our family, relatives or friends. :)

talking about cookies, I just got my order from my friend Season ytd. She has this online site selling yummy cookies! (I am not even joking about how yummy it is).

Having my breakfast like this in the morning! :) 
(since I haven't been awake at such *ehem* early time now) - it's 10am by the way.

She recommended this Lemon Pistachio cookies for me, and I really love it!

Lemon Pistachio Cookies

**RM 23 per jar

Do you know that the Chinese name of pistachio is 開心果(Happy Nut) and it's mean a joyful person who can also affect the others by making them happy?

So when life gives you lemons, sprinkle it with pistachio

Butter Cookies (RM18)

Their packaging is so pretty! :D:D 
I can see how much effort she put in when baking these cookies. 

My comment?
Take away the fact that she is my friend, 
I really love how the cookies taste like. 
We all know how some CNY cookies can be too salty/oily (eg: fried crab meat, seaweed cookies)
It is unlike the typical CNY cookies. They can be eaten on normal occasions, or special occasions (like on a  birthday party!) & the packaging is perfect for a gift to someone. 

Price wise? well I would say this is the standard price for CNY cookies in KL. since the price is almost the same, the quality of the cookies makes a difference. 

I just found the right choice of cookies to pair it with my choice of tea for tea time now.

even the very picky Kai find it yummy too! 

How's your CNY preparation going on? :)

Note: They are not taking orders for CNY now 
BUT Valentine's day is near! *hint*

Smokey Night Out


too energetic for an exciting day
I think this has to be the most efficient blog post ever. 

What I did yesterday: Woke up late, ate, clean up the house (endless job), munch on snacks, dinner, and got ready for a night out with Kai.

and out of a sudden there were so much time for me to prepare, I had more than an hour to prepare so I decided to film myself putting on make up.

It's so amazing looking at the video, at myself. LOL LOL. Cosmetic products are the best thing ever. Intended to show what products I am using but in the end I was too lazy and tired to show everything.

P/S: This is not a tutorial, just a channel to share how I put on full make up and bits like that.

I wana post this ASAP because I will definitely be a coward and let the video die off later on. 
okay you wana judge just go ahead, thankyouverymuch #idontevencare

here goes nothing

or Click HERE

on the side note,
after uploading the videos, i became a coward, and didn't dare to publish.

publishing the post now.... or never.



Hello! I've been really putting effort to use my DSLR more often to snap my outfits so that i can blog about them, not only using my phone camera but UNFORTUNATELY! the memory card is having some problem, my laptop couldnt read it! T.T

but oh wells, gotta bear with the unglam quality photos then.

I've been hanging out with lots of friends for the past two weeks. mainly celebrating birthdays. coz we are all hitting 21st this year (o.o).

#1 Casual Dinner + In A Rush outfit
Quickly put on a  floral romper because it was easy to put on since I was rushing LOL. Paired it with a shoulder padded jacket to give it a more sleek finish. 
but, my hair was a mess. 

Romper | Kitschen
Mint Watch | Vincci

Arrow Necklace | Forever 21

On my arms 
YinYang Bracelet | Penang
Simple Bracelet | Cotton On

Bag | TimeSquare
Flats | IOI Mall 

They say you can look slimmer if you cover your face with one hand. 
the toothache pose. 

#2 The Girls Day Out
So, I put on some sweet color coz it was a brunch date with the lovely girls. 

Top | Nile (it was actually a romper but it was too sheer! :/)
Pleated Skirt | Brands Outlet
Bag | Asia Avenue @ Sunway Pyramid
Flats | IOI Mall

Pastel Skull | Diva
Skull | Online Boutique (i forgot where did i get it :/)
Seashells (lol) | Sabah (from Kai)

#3 Sleek + Black
Had a spontaneous hype to dress up a little. A date with Kai. 

Black Jeans | MNG
Heels| somewhere in IOI Mall i forgot heh
&, I didn't snap close up pic of my accessories. 

So this is basically it. 
I downsized my wardrobe a few days earlier but, since Chinese New Year is getting near, I doubt the wardrobe will keep this size for long. haha

p/s: maybe no one is interested in what i wear but i love to keep track on what I've been wearing on different occasions. It's like how some people love to keep track on what they eat or how the sky is like. We have different preference so don't judge. 

Have a nice day ahead!

DIY Planner


Hello! I've been busy the whole day yesterday, working in the afternoon and went back with a really exhausted mind. But the highlight of the day was that i get to have a short break in between, giving me the opportunity to read a bit of my book while sipping my favourite drink. *mhmmmm*

But I'll blog about that later.

I think most of the people did not know (and i forgot to include this in my 2013 recap blog post)

someone broke into my car. *sigh*
 I forgot when was it but it happened under the bridge outside Sri Petaling LRT station. I parked beside the road (where there's a lot of cars passing by all the time idk how they can do this, not only to my cars but another 2 or 3 more cars behind me), went for a walk in Bukit Jalil park and came back to this.

SO YEA. i lost my favourite bag with my ultimate favourite purse (with lots of Polaroid pics in it!!!) and planner inside. 
BUT i am thankful that I am safe, and I had someone to count on when this incident happened andddd there's no cash in my purse LOL LOL. sorry ah to whoever who stole it.
LESSON LEARNT: DO NOT LEAVE BAGS IN CAR. (i know plez don't nag me already)

Since I'd lost my planner (those that are reusable each year, and it had been with me since i was 14)
I've decided to make one this year since couldn't get one that I really like and worth the money (planners are expensive!) Wanted to get the Starbucks one but, I really couldn't drink so much of coffee. :/

What you need (or at least what I've needed):

Color papers
A notebook. I love the ring type so i can flip it over and tear the pages off. 
Masking tapes! :D my addiction at the moment. (they also call this the Washi Tape)
and stationary

these cute polka dots and lace tapes are from Daiso.

These masking tapes and stickers are from Vanesday 
They sell really affordable and pretty masking tapes! They even have promo every now and then, also! they share a lot of ideas on how to use masking tapes. 

Sorry for the lighting, these are the stickers i got. Got it mainly due to the months stickers. haha.

so I basically spent quite a lot of time doing this. drawing boxes for each month. and put different masking tape and stickers on top because it looks boring without it. haha.
(also i love my April's deco most because, it's my birthday month, have to be prettier one)

Side view. 
I picked this notebook to start off with because it has so many colors! :D 

Close up. 
Got the idea to use the masking tape like this from Vanesday
but mine is a bit failed la. :/

Now for the most interesting part
The cover!
(omg i mad love!)

back view 
(as you can see I've became so tired that i started speeding up LOL LOL)

this is my first experience using masking tape and let me tell you this. 
it makes your deco life so much easier!!!!! 
what i did was: 
pull, cut, paste. 
and TADAH it looks so beautiful! 

and i didn't even plan before i started. 
I just spontaneously went on it. 
and best thing about masking tapes:
stick wrongly? just pull it out and it won't leave on any traces AND the masking tape can still be used to stick on other places! 
why didn't i discover masking tapes before this. 

So yea, I've got my very own DIY planner. heh. planners are my daily essentials. I always believe if we write down stuffs, resolutions, deadlines or other important stuff, we are more likely to do them. 


Degree in Psychology #4


Hiiiii! guess we all know what happened when i have this titled blog post. Results are out. Just in time after my dance rehearsal, i thought it would be nice to watch a YouTube video and chill a bit first, and my classmate told me the results are out.

A recap of my Year 2 semester,
good or bad,
I have no idea.

Well, I think it is a half-half.

Good in terms that I had fun doing the coursework, and scored pretty well for it.
My group mates are all considerate, nice and helpful. (omg thank you all of you i love you all)
Lecturers were helpful as well, they were all nice :)

But it's just I did not score for the finals. MEH :/ I think I need to have some changes in terms of studying. Well i study (or so-called read through) a month before but, I always memorize the horrible terms the day before exams. lol lol. So i am basically stuffing loads of stuff into my pity little brain on the night before, and vomit everything in the exam hall hahahah. Ok, this need to be changed (remind me plez haha).

ok fine.
it was a great semester thou. I had fun, well, that is what matters right? :) I've learned a lot. I really learned! not just for the sake of scoring (well part of it is lahhh). and also, the overall average marks were better (yay!) so i think overall, good la. *pats shoulder*

SO, Thank you for the bunch of wonderful course mates for the wonderful semester once again :)
See you guys in March :)

die die also must put a selfie to end my post. 

p/s: Photo taken from Cloey's HTC, omg why my face so long already. o.o

This post was written at 1:50am but I just scheduled it coz i don't think people will be reading in the middle of the night. so, yea, goodnight.



Hi! Happy weekend ya'll. I know I've been updating quite often nowadays, but today, i really want to blog about this.

Yesterday morning, both of my huge dogs were barking at the shoe rack, keep scratching underneath the shoe rack. we did not know what was wrong with both them. Anxious as well because, it might be a rat or snake.

and then,
i heard "MEOW", a tiny little meow.


spent so much time to catch it out. pity little kitty. she got swollen eyes and we didnt know why. we were so scared it might die suddenly :/

brought her to the vet this morning. luckily it was just flu. 
p/s: wearing a glove because we didnt know what's wrong with this poor furry little kid. 

It's only 2 months old. 
a female kitty. 

so tinnyyyyy!

and she got comfortable in the tiny little show box. 

Recorded her while we were waiting for the vet 

my brother recorded her sleeping soundly in the shoe box. 

we still dont know whether we should keep it or not because, 
1st, I have two huge dogs at home and i dont think they really love kitties. 
2nd, not really a cat person but, this kitty is so cuteeee! :]
3rd, i have no idea how to take care of a kitty -.-

but we'll see how it goes. :D 

New Year Eve


Yups blogging about how did i celebrated my new year.

On New Year's Eve, woke up early in the morning and went to the morning market yumcha and exchanged the very belated xmas gifts with my honeys.

then prepared to attend my cousin's wedding buffet :)

Outfit for the New Year:


Top | Online Boutique (closed down)
Maxi Skirt | Tanksfor5 
Heels | SoLight (Mummy's)

Accessories | IOI Mall (a small vintage stall in centre court of new wing)


Experimented with a different eye make - Puple x Pink Smokey Eyes. (couldn't see it from the pic thou :/) 
Lips using 3CE Lip Pigment in Mellow Pink 

Deco at my cousin's house is so pretty! 

Cake made by my cousin sister! Contact her :D 
p/s: it was my cousin's baby's birthday as well! double the joy!

These little cakes from Coffee Bean is so yummy i can't even! I am going to go for a second round soon. NOMZ!

Unfortunately we need to leave earlier to Kota Kemuning for Jayhan's countdown party. forgot to snap a pick with the bride with my phone before leaving! :/ I'll just wait for them to upload it up. 

Happy newly wed cousin! You look absolutely stunning. I wish you all the best and I can't wait for your baby girl to join the family real soon :D 

and so, we rushed to Jayhan's party. 
Once i enter, 
we started posing

with Jayhan's awesome collections! O.O

Thanks Jayhan for inviting :D 

Estillio and omma Silvya (heart!)

and we mad love Jayhan's pom named baby *awwww*

and yup, 
this is how we ended our 2013, 
with good companion, 
and awesome laughter.

 (pictures of Jayhan's party all from different phones, not mine)

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