Hello! Merry belated Christmas :D I am always looking forward for this festive season of the year, where places will be filled with really nice xmas songs and everything is customized with xmas deco.


I fell asick, again.

Last year's xmas i got fever and this time i got food poisoning.

*deep sigh*
still not feeling now at the moment but at least i could eat a bit.

sooooo, a few days before christmas on the day where finally Kai came back from Myanmar and i am done with finals, we get to go for a proper dinner and movie date :D yay!


Chunky Sweater | from USA
Skater Dress | Cotton On
Bag | Asia Avenue, Sunway Pyramid

#Makeup of the day

Using the most neutral color lipstick from Revlon Lip Butter in the shade of Sugar Frosting 

So the day started off with having brunch with his mom and later on we decided to watch the movie Frozen. Kai is never a fan of cartoon movie but i insisted to watch it after listening to their soundtrack. 

so I win, 
and we watched Frozen, 
as expected,
IT IS A FANTASTIC MOVIE! even Kai loves it. 
well done walt disney. 

If i were to rate this movie
I'll give it a 9/10

story line is awesome 
sound track is fantastic
and it's just too beautiful! 
unlike ordinary stories ending off with true love kisses from the prince, it was an unexpected ending because the true love's act was from the sister <3 p="">

My favourite character here 
definitely Elsa
Especially her hairdo and her dress! :D

Highlight of the movie:
one of the most.... ugly realistic snowman i've ever seen. 
like c'mon, nobody can build a perfect snow man in real life k. 

and also my favorite little characters
Kristoff's little reindeer Sven! :)

and these little trolls!
omg they are too adorable!!

(Pictures all from Google)

Here's the trailer in case you haven't seen it already 

My favourite sound tracks 
"Let it Go"

"Do you wana build a Snowman" 
this is a heartbreaking one :(

The whole OST  album here

Okay go watch yourself, it is definitely worth watching, 
adding this to my Christmas movie list. :D 

then we went for a dinner. 

then we went for dance training, 
then i went back home earlier feeling unwell, 
then i woke up 3am feeling very very unwell, 
then i went for the doctor next day, 
and then i got food poisoning, 
and then i slept throughout christmas. 

Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays


Hi peepo! Just wrapped up my 2nd year in uni on Thursday and officially enjoying my 3 months holiday! *wohooo* I'd been missing blogging for quite a while (even my Penang trip posts are not completely uploaded -.-) BUT it's ok. I have three months to write about

this is on Friday morning at Vanzy's place. We had an awesome night! (waiting for her to post up pictures so we can blog about it :D)
& yes, it is a morning and we had summersby for breakfast. 

Madness haul from the BigBadWolf bookfair. 

Plans on this upcoming three months:
1. Read (obviously with that amount of books i got from BBW bookfair)
2. Blog
3. Dance
4. Wardrobe and book racks cleaning


Red lips are my new obsession. 

Omg i feel so happy being able to rant about my happiness via blogging. Will you guys read? (I will still blog up even thou you say no because i love writing here kthxbye)

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