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Continuing with my Penang trip on Street Arts, here's some pictures of us at the Penang Hill

The day was pretty exhausting because we woke up early and walk the ass off to see the street arts but, it was worth it all. So, reaching Penang Hill, we went to the top by train. & it was so much fun! I didn't take any photos as it was kinda packed in it. :/ 

Scenery from the top of the hill. Windyyyyyyyy!

& again, we just walk around, took some pictures here and there :)

& that's me and my lovely mom :)

TBH, there wasn't much up there. kinda, disappointing in that said. But i did really enjoy the train ride and the windy weather! but it was too crowded due to the Raya Festive thou. 

to be continued with posts about the best part in Penang: F.O.O.D.

Summary of my first week back to University.
it's only the first week but, I am already feeling the pressure behind me pushing me to move move move and move. :/ but I am not mentally ready yet. but oh well, 
yay for one step nearer to graduate? 
meh, i enjoy my life as a student thou.
oh and, 

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