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HI again. trying to be as productive as I could because I have only one week left until I start my second semester. As usual, I AM NERVOUS I DONT KNOW WHY. I still have the school reopen panic attack :( 

It's ok.

So, all of my Raya trip photos are uploaded on my Facebook (if you haven't) I have tons of stories to share thus I'd separated them into a few parts. 

Part 1: The very famous Penang Street Art @Georgetown.

Moving down to Penang at 4am @,@ *YAWN*

It was really chilly because it was 7am ish and went for breakfast at a small kopitiam (coffee shop) 

Dad and Bro acting like taikor here. 

The place was really pretty really... original. I think we can't find anything like this in KL. But the food for the morning was... meh. :/ 

And then we started walking around Penang exploring the very famous street art they have there

steel rod sculpture with different stories along the way

Plants in old shoes. this people are mad creative.

“Little Children on a Bicycle” 

"The Giant Cat" was beside but i was interested in these small kittens made of strings.


More meows behind the ally.

Pretty amazed by all the street art, and I am truly amazed of how Penang is now. well, maybe because I wasn't aware of the street, people, art and tiny details of Penang few years back. 

Btw, all these paintings of children are done by Ernest Zacharevic.

This was just a tiny little part of the street. 
Definitely going back to revisit because there is still a lot more to explore!

 & I was rocking my floral creepers during the trip. 


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