Degree in Psychology #3



3 more days till I start Year 2 Semester 2. 
as always, I'll talk about my previous semester, just to make sure I am in a progress and jot down things that I wana remind myself and, give an idea of how is this course like? :)

I just got my results. 
All I can say is that, 

It wasn't bad, wasn't great as well. 

For the previous semester, 
I've improved in some ways, but some still remain. 
I'd put in more effort, but it seems like there is not much difference yet. 

i guess, it's getting more and more difficult, 
what i need now is, MORE EFFORT. 
& study SMART, not only HARD. 

in a nutshell.
this course is getting more difficult, 
but I am getting more ready and yup, 


Note to self:
I am pretty proud on how I've found some useful studying methods that made me reallllyyyy learned. Not just memorizing for the sake of exams and stuff. Likewise, we can always be better, there is always something we can improve on. I know I am in a progress, that's good. But keep in mind to be better this time, work on those improved, and find ways work on those that I'd failed. Yay, for a better tomorrow. 
Knowledge is wealth. 

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