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Hello dearies. I've been back to the unproductive progress again until yesterday. 
Managed to clean up my study room and washed my car. *sweat* so now i am comfortable with blogging at the spacious study room :D (you know how productive you can be after cleaning up the messy place)

so, I am uploading 500++ photos of my Raya trip to Penang and Ipoh last weekend so it's a pain in the ass waiting it to upload. that's why i am killing the time by blogging an overdue post. 

Very simple and easy outfit :) 
Wore this to a high school lovelies gathering.
Shoes | Vern's RM20

Tank Top | Summit RM2.50
Outerwear | Summit RM10
Skirt | Brands Outlet RM19

Summit will be my next go-to shopping choice. RM2.50 for a tank top is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooo cheap! and the outer wear can be worn as a shirt for a sleek finish as well (oh there i'll make this as my next outfit post heh) 

Watch | Vincci RM25
Bracelet | RM3.50

Necklace | Forever21 RM9

In total: RM89 

oh and by the way, the black outfit was inspired by my big boy Beary. 

Just kidding, i think both my dogs would probably think i am a weirdo posing non-stop for all these post but yea, meh. 

okay, till then xoxo

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