Degree in Psychology #3



3 more days till I start Year 2 Semester 2. 
as always, I'll talk about my previous semester, just to make sure I am in a progress and jot down things that I wana remind myself and, give an idea of how is this course like? :)

I just got my results. 
All I can say is that, 

It wasn't bad, wasn't great as well. 

For the previous semester, 
I've improved in some ways, but some still remain. 
I'd put in more effort, but it seems like there is not much difference yet. 

i guess, it's getting more and more difficult, 
what i need now is, MORE EFFORT. 
& study SMART, not only HARD. 

in a nutshell.
this course is getting more difficult, 
but I am getting more ready and yup, 


Note to self:
I am pretty proud on how I've found some useful studying methods that made me reallllyyyy learned. Not just memorizing for the sake of exams and stuff. Likewise, we can always be better, there is always something we can improve on. I know I am in a progress, that's good. But keep in mind to be better this time, work on those improved, and find ways work on those that I'd failed. Yay, for a better tomorrow. 
Knowledge is wealth. 

Wash-Off Pack by Etude House


Ni Hao. 

I have a new habit which I am trying to be consistent with: To do mask at least 3 times per week. So that I can at least have nice natural skin tone and healthy-looking face even with my bare face. 

& I have been obsessed with this Korea brand called the Etude House. OMG I SUPER LOVE. Price are reasonable also. They have massive sales on different items every now and then. 
and now they have this BUY 1 FREE 1 SALES in Sunway Pyramid branch. 
dont say I no tell!

SO, back to the main thing that I want to share. 
I am using these wash-off pack mask for months already. Finished off a set and my friends (Jean&Dione) got me another set for my birthday! (TQ BABES again if you are reading this :D )

This one is the Honey Wash-Off Pack

It basically comes in 4 "flavours": which mainly are some Ginseng kinda thing (& it smells like Ginseng too!). well I dont know why is there a cactus one but overall I love it as well because I am ok with Ginseng. But if you are not a fan of it, you might wana reconsider about getting these (my sister did not fancy them lol)

& next on, it's the Yogurt Wash-Off Pack

This is my ultimate love. they come in four "flavours": Strawberry, Kiwi, Apple and Peach. (nyam)
I am a fan of fruits, I am a fan of Yogurt. 

The best thing about it. is you can tear it into 4 little packs. so it is pretty convenient because you can just tear one apart and bring it to travel or etc. 

This is how it looks like in it. 

Personally, I love it because:
1. AFFORDABLE. I think it was around RM13,90 each if I am not mistaken.
2. Each small little pack can be used more than 2 times. I mean, the amount in it is so much you can share it with you sisters, mom or your girlfriends (or boyfriend if you want to).
3. It works for me. After using these my skin is softer and got a bit doink doink and hydrated.
4. It has different ingredient in each flavour so basically you get to absorb different nutrients in your face :D in short, got a lot of variety la.

if there is one thing that I'll complain about, it would be that it is kinda difficult to wash off. So, it is better to wipe it off in advance before rinsing and use warm water to rinse off. 

I love it so much i even bought two sets for my girlfriends. 

btw if you are wondering why i tear off the Honey pack first rather than the Yogurt pack since i love it more.... 
I have this habit of leaving my favourite ones till the end, 
I know I am not the only one. 

Happy Friday!

Penang Street Art.



HI again. trying to be as productive as I could because I have only one week left until I start my second semester. As usual, I AM NERVOUS I DONT KNOW WHY. I still have the school reopen panic attack :( 

It's ok.

So, all of my Raya trip photos are uploaded on my Facebook (if you haven't) I have tons of stories to share thus I'd separated them into a few parts. 

Part 1: The very famous Penang Street Art @Georgetown.

Moving down to Penang at 4am @,@ *YAWN*

It was really chilly because it was 7am ish and went for breakfast at a small kopitiam (coffee shop) 

Dad and Bro acting like taikor here. 

The place was really pretty really... original. I think we can't find anything like this in KL. But the food for the morning was... meh. :/ 

And then we started walking around Penang exploring the very famous street art they have there

steel rod sculpture with different stories along the way

Plants in old shoes. this people are mad creative.

“Little Children on a Bicycle” 

"The Giant Cat" was beside but i was interested in these small kittens made of strings.


More meows behind the ally.

Pretty amazed by all the street art, and I am truly amazed of how Penang is now. well, maybe because I wasn't aware of the street, people, art and tiny details of Penang few years back. 

Btw, all these paintings of children are done by Ernest Zacharevic.

This was just a tiny little part of the street. 
Definitely going back to revisit because there is still a lot more to explore!

 & I was rocking my floral creepers during the trip. 


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