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Hello! :D MIA for about a month! OmO Finals made me go cray cray but well, it's over for the first sem of year two. so for now, i'll just hope for the very best!

it's been 2 weeks back after my finals but i am still ultra busy :x did not have the time to sit down like now, watching RunningMan (woots!) and reading my novels, and watching my favourite YouTube videos, because of Project Hip Hope. and lots of wardrobe cleaning and study room cleaning here and there. meh.

Sooooo, i'll start off with Project Hip Hope. Most of the people around me already know about this event, but still imma explain a bit

It is basically a charity base hip hop project with lots of hip hop related workshops including dances, MC, graffitti and more more more. here, TQ FOR ALL WHO CAME FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. those inspiring stories, i can't wait to share :)

and also, 21st of July, the big big bigggg day!
Project Hip Hope Concert. 

This is just one small part of the concert.
Urban Groove represents :D

More to come :D


tbh, i am really grateful to have met these people in my life. 
A decision of mine to pick up dancing again after 6 years quitting ballet. 
These brought me to an amazing lady. Silvya, my mama ;) 

:* you know we love you!
I can't express my thoughts in words for you mama. 
Your encouragement, your love, your everything,

and then, i met Joel, UG PAPA. 
he's a.... real life hulk. 
well, he's really scary tbh, at first, 
but after a few months in there, he is the opposite of everything. 
he's funny (at some sense i dont even understand), nice and warm. 
but there is a thing that i must say, 
i am truly amazed w his determination. 
Thank you UG PAPA :D 

and soon enough, 
I am in this huge family. 

Urban Groove yoooo! 

& also
my girls, Estillio :D 

if you ever need more information Urban Groove, just click here :) 
and most of the pictures are uploaded on Facebook! :)



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