Budgeted Outfit: Stripes


Hellloooo! I am quite efficient right? continuously blogged for three days ;D plez gime a thumbs up. 

Okay, the reason is I've been out for the pass few days so i kinda dolled up and tried to take nicer photos. :/

Today's budgeted outfit is a bit of STRIPES.

I know many of you had seen this stripes pants trending here and there. yup, i am obsessed too. 


let's be honest here, girls. we aint wana wear something same or similar with others ay?

so when i saw this cute skirt, i grabbed it. 
It has stripes, it's monotone, but still, it's something different. 

Rolling Stone Muscle Tank | a friend got it for me for only RM5
Stripes Skirt | @vineldy_boutique IG RM29
Flats | Vern's RM20

Close up. with my dogs chillin behind. 

Watch | Vincci RM25
Bracelet | Diva RM9
Using some pastel accessories to pop a bit colors on my gloomy outfit. 

Back View

and my face. 

so, yea. 
I don't know how to describe my style but, it's just, I am happy with it. and that's it.

oh and overall my outfit costs: RM88




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