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Good evening :) 

Okay, I don't know how to start this, but I am trying out a new series of blog post. heh.
in Malaysia, it's really difficult find trendy clothes in good quality and cheap price. :/ of course i know you pay the price for the quality but some is so ridiculous it's like you are just paying for the brand. A freaking dress for more than RM100?! wth. In overseas, there is at least thrift stores that sells cheap clothes. here, we don't have any -.- 

we have to be smart then.

so, I am a cheapskate, if you would like to call me in this way. but still, think of it, we are students w limited income, so, we gotta be smart.

my whole outfit will be under RM100. 

the 1st outfit on my budgeted outfit list would be the easiest: Casual. 
my definition of casual outfit is laid back, comfy but still classy and appropriate for dates/outings.

so i picked denim and tee for sure. 

"You're my favorite" Top | Padini RM19 on sales
Acid wash jeans | morning market RM30 

The Padini store i usually go to is in IOI Mall. They always have massive sales. :D so me love love love. and also, these skinny jeans are my fave jeans! it fits perfectly on me and i'll just slip into it whenever i have the mehhhhh mood during the day. 

Claw ring | Online boutique RM7 
Skull Bracelet | Diva RM9
Spikes | IOI Mall RM3.5

yeap, jewelry makes a huge difference :D

Heels | Bata RM15 

O.O i know, it's an ultra great deal! it was on a clearance sale. and it was the last pair, and it was my size, so... YAY!

That's it.

overall my outfit costs RM83.5 

Have a great day. 

p/s: Thank you for those reading and said you miss me blogging. :D you guys made my day! :D  

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