Budgeted Outfit: Stripes


Hellloooo! I am quite efficient right? continuously blogged for three days ;D plez gime a thumbs up. 

Okay, the reason is I've been out for the pass few days so i kinda dolled up and tried to take nicer photos. :/

Today's budgeted outfit is a bit of STRIPES.

I know many of you had seen this stripes pants trending here and there. yup, i am obsessed too. 


let's be honest here, girls. we aint wana wear something same or similar with others ay?

so when i saw this cute skirt, i grabbed it. 
It has stripes, it's monotone, but still, it's something different. 

Rolling Stone Muscle Tank | a friend got it for me for only RM5
Stripes Skirt | @vineldy_boutique IG RM29
Flats | Vern's RM20

Close up. with my dogs chillin behind. 

Watch | Vincci RM25
Bracelet | Diva RM9
Using some pastel accessories to pop a bit colors on my gloomy outfit. 

Back View

and my face. 

so, yea. 
I don't know how to describe my style but, it's just, I am happy with it. and that's it.

oh and overall my outfit costs: RM88


Budgeted Outfit: Casual


Good evening :) 

Okay, I don't know how to start this, but I am trying out a new series of blog post. heh.
in Malaysia, it's really difficult find trendy clothes in good quality and cheap price. :/ of course i know you pay the price for the quality but some is so ridiculous it's like you are just paying for the brand. A freaking dress for more than RM100?! wth. In overseas, there is at least thrift stores that sells cheap clothes. here, we don't have any -.- 

we have to be smart then.

so, I am a cheapskate, if you would like to call me in this way. but still, think of it, we are students w limited income, so, we gotta be smart.

my whole outfit will be under RM100. 

the 1st outfit on my budgeted outfit list would be the easiest: Casual. 
my definition of casual outfit is laid back, comfy but still classy and appropriate for dates/outings.

so i picked denim and tee for sure. 

"You're my favorite" Top | Padini RM19 on sales
Acid wash jeans | morning market RM30 

The Padini store i usually go to is in IOI Mall. They always have massive sales. :D so me love love love. and also, these skinny jeans are my fave jeans! it fits perfectly on me and i'll just slip into it whenever i have the mehhhhh mood during the day. 

Claw ring | Online boutique RM7 
Skull Bracelet | Diva RM9
Spikes | IOI Mall RM3.5

yeap, jewelry makes a huge difference :D

Heels | Bata RM15 

O.O i know, it's an ultra great deal! it was on a clearance sale. and it was the last pair, and it was my size, so... YAY!

That's it.

overall my outfit costs RM83.5 

Have a great day. 

p/s: Thank you for those reading and said you miss me blogging. :D you guys made my day! :D  

Project Hip Hope


Hello! :D MIA for about a month! OmO Finals made me go cray cray but well, it's over for the first sem of year two. so for now, i'll just hope for the very best!

it's been 2 weeks back after my finals but i am still ultra busy :x did not have the time to sit down like now, watching RunningMan (woots!) and reading my novels, and watching my favourite YouTube videos, because of Project Hip Hope. and lots of wardrobe cleaning and study room cleaning here and there. meh.

Sooooo, i'll start off with Project Hip Hope. Most of the people around me already know about this event, but still imma explain a bit

It is basically a charity base hip hop project with lots of hip hop related workshops including dances, MC, graffitti and more more more. here, TQ FOR ALL WHO CAME FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. those inspiring stories, i can't wait to share :)

and also, 21st of July, the big big bigggg day!
Project Hip Hope Concert. 

This is just one small part of the concert.
Urban Groove represents :D

More to come :D


tbh, i am really grateful to have met these people in my life. 
A decision of mine to pick up dancing again after 6 years quitting ballet. 
These brought me to an amazing lady. Silvya, my mama ;) 

:* you know we love you!
I can't express my thoughts in words for you mama. 
Your encouragement, your love, your everything,

and then, i met Joel, UG PAPA. 
he's a.... real life hulk. 
well, he's really scary tbh, at first, 
but after a few months in there, he is the opposite of everything. 
he's funny (at some sense i dont even understand), nice and warm. 
but there is a thing that i must say, 
i am truly amazed w his determination. 
Thank you UG PAPA :D 

and soon enough, 
I am in this huge family. 

Urban Groove yoooo! 

& also
my girls, Estillio :D 

if you ever need more information Urban Groove, just click here :) 
and most of the pictures are uploaded on Facebook! :)

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