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Miao! that's how i greet lately. haha!
So, obviously the title says it all, i've been nomming Oats for breakfast and lunch lately. Of course, some days I'll just cheat by have a bite of chocolate or taking a sip of soda. :/ or also, having croissant with turkey ham and cheese *drooling*

I will not say i did this task - Eat clean and healthy is completely successfully but I def think I am on track. :)
which i am quite proud of myself :D *thumbs up*

well i used to try skip meals/eat something i dont like just solely because it's healthy to achieve the more... "idealistic" body shape. it didn't work obviously because the urge to give up was so terribly strong.

maybe it wasn't obvious but, i can feel that my body is much more healthier and i am much more confident! 

My tip of the day: EAT SOMETHING YOU LIKE. of course, pick those healthy ones 
i mean, there is no point eating food that you hate but healthy because you will def hate the process! and then, for sure, relapsing happens. 

and also, with my favorite healthy food, i actually look forward eating them everyday! 
My favourite are these!

 My dad brought one packet home one day, i tried it, and i am IN LOVEEEEEEE with it so so so so much!!! It's really convenient for me especially i have long hours of classes daily. i usually nom it with fresh milk or sometimes changing it to Milo. man, it's so good! and filling! after having this, i don't have the urge to get snacks or tit bits or whatsoever. 

the berry one :D 

I can certainly feel the change. 
Whenever i eat food like those fried ones, Maggie Mee and what not, i feel, uncomfy. :/ 
so i rarely nom them anymore! 
Oh and this lasted for more than 2 weeks already. *yayyyy*

oh and another additional tips, don't be too strict on your diet. you can take a sip of chocolate smoothies of your friend's or have a scoop of ice-cream when you are feeling down. just make sure to controoollll. "ohmmmmm"

Thanks for reading and i hope you find your eating clean food journey happy and enjoyable because that's what keeps you going on and on. 

xoxo goodnight! 
Happy a fabulous weekend ahead!

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