Challenge of the Week #2: One Piece ♥


Actually wanted to do a one-piece challenge but ended up wearing dress for the whole week LOL. but yea, still consider a success. I skipped Monday and Wednesday because, I forgot to snap. I swear i didn't cheat! :P

Just a simple long hours lecture class day. #mehhhhhhhhh. 
But i made it a day by pairing a comfy dress and my favourite outer wear!

That's a cheetah behind! Mad love <3 p="">
Dress | second hand
Camo Outerwear | SomeWear Over the Rainbow
Shoes | Sunway Pyramid 

A smart casual day as my group is in charge of a workshop. 
Nervous + Panic attack + Sleepy. 
There you go, you need to dress up a little to boost your mood and confidence!

Shoes | Vern's 

Oh a day i call it a sweet and lovely day. 
Treated some what like a princess LOL. 

And i love my hair that way. It doesn't bother me when studying :)
Dress | from a bazaar a few years back. only RM15! O.O
Bag | Charles and Keith
Shoes | Vern's 

A weekend which I am supposed to roll in bed till noon but had to kick my ass to uni for assignments. :/
A look appropriate for work after my discussion morning as well.

Chiffon Blouse | Tanks for 5
Dress | F block
Shoes | Vern's 

Woah. Another week gone, just like that. and i am 4 weeks away from finals! *pulls hair* 
Okay, off for more assignments to deal with. 

This Week's Challenge of the Week #3: Collars. 

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