Challenge of the week #1: White Tops ♥


Well well, i know some might think this is a silly idea from a girl who's just bored of her life. Mehhhh.
This idea actually pops out while i was spring cleaning my wardrobe when i find i have so many clothes hidden under! O.O so before i buy MORE unnecessarily/similar clothes, i plan to first wear em all.

so, the week 1 challenge was pairing WHITE TOPS. i have tons of them and i haven't even finish wearing them for the week :x

Crazy weather but classrooms are all very cold. 
so, up goes the hair and some jeggings to keep me slightly warmed.

Union Tank Top | Sungai Wang
Outer Shirt | Sungai Wang
Jeggings | Morning Marker
Shoes | Vern's

The heaviest day, 3 lecture classes to attend :/
So i paired up my favourite skirt to boost up the dying mood. 

Top | second hand
Skirt | Tanks for 5
Shoes | Vern's 

I dont know how to describe this day. 

Top | Times Square
Leggings | Kitschen
Shoes | Vern's

Basically my lazy day. 
all i want, is just Friday C:

Top | second hand
High waisted shorts | Times Square
Flats | Times Square

Dressed up to attend a relative's wedding buffet dinner. 
so, i'm rocking my new buys! 

Crop Top | second hand
Leather Skirt | Colour-Collection
Shoes | Vern's
Messenger Bag | Asia Avenue 
Bracelet | IOI Mall

YAY! made it till the end of the week. 
A casual date with my uni mates for some shopping and assignment discussion.


Jersey | Colour-Collection (MAD COMFY IT'S DEF MY NEW LOVE!)
Shorts | Voir
Bag| Charles and Keith
Shoes | Vern's 

Basically that's all! 
New Challenge of the Week #2: One Piece 

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