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Annyeong there! My blog is a bit dusty already but no worries! I am back. I've scheduled my time on blogging. At least once per week. I feel very very thankful to those who still read! you know who you are :*

I had a lot of inspiration and ideas on my head these days, working on things i love and want to achieve.
But before all the.. project? i would call them my projects. hah! I really wanted to blog about my thoughts on decision making.

I was a person, well i didnt know until a long talk with the buddeh, who make decision to meet others expectation.

That was not good.

I struggled a lot to meet other's expectation and inside, still having the urge to work for my own passion.

one very particular one, parent's expectation. All of us don't want to to let our parents down for sure.
but before that, can you really cope with it? ask yourself if you will be regretting on the decision made after years.

by this i didn't mean to go against with our parent's expectation. I am pretty sure all parents will only want us to be healthy and happy.

I've been struggling for two months, on whether i should stop on the effort i've been putting in. with much talk  with the people around. I've decided to work on something that I REALLY WANTED BADLY!
because with passion, only we can give out full effort and concentration.

I want to be good in at least one thing.
I want to confidently say: HEY, I AM GOOD AT THIS.
not being unsure about my statement. ( I used to be: yup i know this, but i am not really good at it.)
I want to achieve something before it's too late.

Seeking for different opinions is crucial ( different opinion doesn't mean many opinions from many friends but also from the seniors, parents, juniors, and friends not only friends).
but the key is, ANALYZING IT ON OUR OWN.
making the decision that doesn't please everyone doesn't mean you're wrong because you know what is the best for you. :) 

all the best in life peeps!
till then!
A recent face of mine being a complete nerd. :/ 

P/S: working on a project namely #ChallengeOfTheWeek. 

Easy Come Easy Go by Tanya and MC Hotdog


"2013年即將發行新專輯,挑戰自己不斷做出新嘗試的蔡健雅和華人地區知名饒舌歌手-­MC HotDog熱狗合作【Easy Come Easy Go】作為率先問世的力作,每每在感情的描寫上總能讓人揪心又感同身受,這次對於感情­的來去以更隨緣的態度接受,如同歌詞所述「永恆是個舊念頭,享受勝過於淚流,管它天亮­有沒有以後。」灑脫萬分。音樂上也加強了節奏性與律動,把饒舌與旋律做更巧妙的結合。­歌曲製作團隊相當堅強,有蔡健雅自己的譜曲,加上小寒的作詞常勝組合,與熱狗在歌詞中­的情感對話,精采可期!

  首次製作饒舌歌曲,Tanya欽點熱狗作男伴,兩人分別以男女的角度在新歌中詮釋新時­代的愛情觀:「認真卻隨性的愛情。」 活在當下,真心真意的付出和享受,不必要求承諾,畢竟心變了就是變了,承諾也只是說說­,不必執著長久,感覺若變了就該接受,道別後各自開始新生活。


This is the song, where i feel a little bit emotional yet, the positive kind of emotional. Feeling sad about the past but, still cherishing the present. 


True enough. Who knows what'll you meet next? Who knows when will your other half change their mind, or more specifically, their love, and ironically, we cannot even guarantee ourselves.

Goodnight and sweet dreams :)

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