Taman Tasik Taiping #2 ♥


hello :D 
moving on w the part 2 of Taman Tasik Taiping k. there is just too much pictures to post. i didn't wana shrink it in one post cuz, i cannot choose which photo not to post! 

the sun is madness. :/

One thing i really love about the place: WIDE GREEN GRASS THAT YOU CAN JUST SIMPLY LAY DOWN.
like those overseas universities campus or schools!

so i kia kia go post a bit to temporarily fulfill my dream a bit.

look at the sky! 

pretty! looking back at these pics make me wana go visit again :)

then we passed by the area where you can go a have the swan ride (idk what they call la, the paddle swan?)

all of the above reminds me of how my parents would be when we go to the theme park. 
awww just in a blink I am now 20 y/o already (and i still need my mom to help me buckle the jacket haha!) 
and that's why i say we have to really take a short trip w the family once in a while :) at least once a year lo!

Bro acting a bit sad cuz, he have to ride his own swan.

oh so lonely. LOL.
he couldnt even get a swan! he got a dinosaur instead *hahahahaha*

what's that. -.-

it was pretty fun at first,
but then, we got really tired paddling wtf. plus the freaking ridiculous weather and there's no trees around!

half way panting catching our breath, 
i saw this realllllyyyy pweeetttyyyy lil bird.

macam very artistic and pro hor! 
ok la seriously i am pretty happy with the results :D

Mom & Dad. :D 
had lunch near the paddling area where they serve awesome and cheap prawn mee! 
(i forgot to snap the place ish)


more weird looking trees 

(dad's artwork :P)

dad's artwork again :D

I was actually freaking out because of the ants :P

well i basically brought you to a brief tour in Tasik Taman Taiping. 
definitely willing to revisit! (main reason is to snap more chio selca under the sun and greenery LOL) 


have a nice day! :D

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