Taman Tasik Taiping #1 ♥


Hey ho hey ho! I am still not done with my CNY trip with my family. ha! cuz i hardly can squeeze anytime! Life's been so busy and wonderful at the same time. so here goes the post:)
tbh, do you really know places in Malaysia? I mean my mom's hometown is in Perak but I'd never been to Taiping *cover face*, so my mom was like "you r already hitting 20 and you'd never been to taiping." 

so yea, we basically spent our CNY exploring our hometown, rather than staying at home collecting angpaos.

The weather was soooooo freaking cray!

I always do make up in the car. (i know most girls do this!)

the fabulous 3.

the fascinating thing about Taman Tasik Taiping is the TREES. yes, you are hearing me right. 
According to ze dad, the trees are all roughly 100 years old (o.o) 

exception: bro's #ootd in front of the garbage area haha


seriously, thanks to the enormous trees they have there. our journey all the way was still consider nice and breezy under the shades.


 basically i kept snapping all the trees cuz everytime i come across a new area, they just seems pwetty and amazing i must say! like you cannot really such trees in KL do you? KL's trees are way too young and immature. LOL. 

Yay you'd made it to the end of the post! 
I enjoyed the day honestly, escaping from the busy life just like that by spending some intimate moments with the family, walking around the greens. :)

Starting my week 3 of my new semester and it's driving me cray cray! 
I'll beat with it i swear;D

(check out Love Lookbook if you haven't, it's also snapped from Taman Tasik Taiping :) )



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