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Talking about Vday (whops better late than never :P), I still think we should celebrate the day. 
Well, some might think it's a stupid celebration, people start taking advantage to make EVERYTHING expensive(which is true). But, i am still the kind who thinks it is at least some day you can show your appreciation and love to your other half 
It's like some people only say iloveyou to your daddy during Father's day la! but you know you still love them everyday. 

Imma just do a touch-and-go post on our Vday celebration! 

He called me when he reached and asked me to go out to pick him up / meet him *weird*. I did. Then he held out a rose and said: Happy Valentine's Day. *awww*

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my #ootd for the special date:

Heels | got em from a shoes sales for only RM29+
Bag |  Kitschen RM29.90
Skirt | Brands Outlet Sales RM19
Lace Top | Stylix RM20

I really love this B/W with a pop of blue :D (surprisingly the bag matches my heels!)

Happy kid is happy already!

@WongKok for an early lunch

later on we went for a simple movie date and did some shopping. It was CROWDED i must say in Sunway Pyramid! especially the cinema. i actually decided not to go for it but he insisted we should cuz it's been quite a while he did not have a actual date :)

and he suggested to dine in @Souled Out, Mont Kiara
which is one of my favorite dining place :D 

Salmon Pasta

some kind of fruit punch thingy which is yums!

Mine, and i forgot what was it -.-

Mushroom Pizza! DAYUMS 

I have to say i really loved the mushroom pizza cuz i mad love mushrooms and the pizza is coated with LOADSSS of mushrooms! (and that, he didnt like it, so i had to nom the whole thing.....  almost all by myself.
 I'd been there three times and i still love it :D *thumbs up*

had a really long chat with the boy, about the past and the future.
as simple as that,
it's enough to make me happy, even now :D

oklah everyday is Vday as long as you love each other mah, i know i know....


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