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Apparently organizing my February Album, which is a boom cuz it was the CNY and Vday period so, i have tonssssss of photo not posted YET. 
and while I'm doing all the organizing, i actually made an album of my parents' lovey dovey lookbook during our CNY trip to Tasik Taiping. 


My favorite so far :D

pretty ay?
i bet there'll be some "awwww"s while scrolling down because, i did. LOL. 
yes they are in couple tee which me and my siblings were like O.O "ok go ahead we snap photos for you two"

& all the pics of my mom alone was taken by my dad. :) (he's an addict of photography too!)

last but not least, 

It was pretty hard to snap all the pics above cuz my mom was LOL-ing soooooooooooo hard she cannot even walk normally. -.-
and then my sister was telling them how to post etc...

mom:" how la! you tell me how to post!" lol.
Dad sighing at the side XD

"okay okay"

She still cannot stop LOL-ing. 
Dad:" is this your mom ah?"

Lightbulb brutha.

 Highlights of the day:

The end. 
"It's easy to fall in love, but never easy to maintain."

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