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Good evening! the weather is insanely boiling here in Malaysia. so anyway, I'd been obsessed with DIY healthy food! after i post the photo of the homemade "ice-cream", a few of my friends asked about the recipe! so here it is

i came across with this really awesome YouTuber: Cassey from Blogilates. she does a lot of basic workout videos and talks about healthy food! 

you can watch the video for the recipe.

Easy ay?

I'll just post my version of doing it and a few tips. 

Step1: cut the bananas. 

CUT THEM IN SMALLER SIZE. mine is a bit bigger so i had problem when i blend them.

STEP 2: Freeze em! (she mentioned in the video to freeze them for 3 hours, but as you know, i am pretty lazy, i froze them the whole night -.-. so in this case, defrooze them for a lil while before you blend em)

Step 4: add peanut butter (better is you have the unsalted one) and the frozen bananas into the blender
it really depends how much peanut butter you would like, here i just added half of the size of my spoon because mine wasnt unsalted so it wasnt that healthy. and i just want the peanut butter to minimize the strong taste of banana. 

Step 5: BLEND THEM! just in case if it got stuck, add some milk. 

blend until they become smooth (BUT NOT TOO LONG or else it melts and it is no more ice-cream like)

& TADA :D om nom nom.....

I tried adding Nutella in it today. *whops* not too healthy. but, everything taste good when it comes to Nutella 

1. cut banana in smaller pieces so it's easier to blend
2. be FAST after you start blending. 

yeap, that's all. i hope it helps. :D

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