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I am not here to judge, I am here to tell my experience in Chong Hwa KL. 

I've been English educated since young. but my parents understand that the language and culture of Chinese is growing. Thus they sent me to Chinese school since i am 7, which I am really thankful about that. 

I've got critics from friends when I am in secondary school. For example: it would be difficult to apply for better Universities because they don't accept UEC (usually). Or even common schema of Chinese school children: NERD. Or bad in English, bad in socializing..... 

well then, looking at the other side, I'll tell you what CHKL (Chong Hwa Kuala Lumpur) taught  me to be.

Because we knew UEC were not widely accepted in Malaysia, we worked harder to achieve.

I remember very clearly about the my first exam in Chong Hwa: MATH, because i failed. I cried. BECAUSE I'VE NEVER FAILED before that! But teachers were really helpful. teachers had been playing their part by giving us extra tuition. They could have not do these because they already did their part, but they didn't give up. Thank you, so so much. They'd always taught us not to avoid all the obstacles but to seek help, voluntarily.

never understand that, until now, I am pursuing my degree. I now understand why does the teachers emphasizes so so much about never be shy to ask for help if you need them.

I will never say it's been an easy six-years along the way. I've failed so many times, so many times i couldn't even count them with my ten fingers, including my toes *LOL* the standard of having to pass each subject with the minimum of 60% have made me increase my own expectation to higher level, even now. (i basically get a slight heart attack when i get anything below 60%, haha). What could be said is that, all CHKL peeps have the toughest spirit in us!

I will never say i have no complaints about my school. Everyone does! (don't tell me you don't have any, you're lying!) The tiniest complaints like how i hate the long speeches they have during assembly *whops*, or bigger ones like changing the rules of monthly exams so many times. but hey, every place needs trials and errors to seek for a better result in the future!

One more thing i am grateful about Chong Hwa, is that they apply both syllabus: the government's and the independent school's. yes, it would be a bit tougher. just like how those people got their double major/degree! they get more opportunities in their career, i assume, and you have to pay for it by giving more effort. This is how my parents gave a little more confidence about Chong Hwa. I get to use my SPM certificate to apply for local colleges or continue with my UEC to apply for universities.

I think I should stop here. there is too much to talk about this place, warm and nice with the important people throughout my life. I call this my second home. (I'd been living in hostel for the past 6 years).

here I would say:

I am proud to say, and to be, a graduate from Chong Hwa Independent High School :)


doubted whether to continue writing about this at first but after long consideration, I'll need to stand for my school with the others, to protect the place that once nurtured and educated us as what we are today.

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