I know a lot of you who are close to me must have known this from somewhere that he's gone. For those who didn't, I am so sorry for not posting it up on FB/Twitter/Instagram. This is all because I still couldn't form words to say about this.

Yes, our precious baby Charcoal had passed away on 16th March 2013, around 4pm. and he is cremated after that.

so basically this post is all about him. I didnt just wana spill all my emotions but also share some info (if you have/want to have a puppy) about the diseases Charcoal had. so, yea, here goes :)

Our precious little boy.

tbh, I could never believe I am watching this cute little 6months old puppy leaving just like that. He was still so active and jolly and happy the night before. 

i'll just briefly go through what had happened:

we first adopted him in January. For the 1st week, he'd already had slight coughing, which is called the "Kennel Cough". According to the vet, he claims that it is quite common with puppies but normally it'll go off after some time. But Charcoal's lasted for 2 months (i dont know if he had this before with his ex-owner). It was our fault that we took it for granted as we assumed it was "ok" as he is still active and normal etc. The coughing basically reduced as times but one week before he passed away, it got worse, where there were phlegm. So we brought him to the vet and they said he was fine. Just gave a few antibiotics and coughing med.

the next day, he was lying on my bed, not moving at all. His was all soft, his eyes were not opened, and he shivered. We all knew something was terribly wrong so we rushed to the clinic. They said he was so ill they have to hospitalized him, but they couldn't stay for long cuz they are not working 24/7 so we moved Charcoal to the Animal Medical Center, the one and only animal hospital that works 24/7 in Malaysia.

Charcoal was said to have high fever and he got infection in his brain. After one night of treatment, he passed away the next evening. 

The vet in Animal Medical Center did tell us a few things to take note before getting a pet. First of all, make sure it is VACCINATED. I mean, if the ex-owner cared about the pet, he should have brought the pet to visit the doctor before passing the responsibility to the others. 2nd, just make sure to bring your pet to visit the doctor IMMEDIATELY even if it's just a flu. cuz sickness in animals can turn into very very severe illness. 

that's it, and the last thing i'll have to say is, it's been a wonderful 2 months memories of us. Thanks for bringing us lots of happiness for the past 2 months. I do hope you'll are now safe and sound in another universe. We love you, as always :)

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