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I'm pretty addicted to it! 

well this post imma talk about my first performance w the boy.
basically invited by our friend John to perform a lil for World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA).

 rehearsing :) (Thank you for my sister for snapping all the nice and pretty pictures :D) 

during the performance:)
p/s: damnit the hair wasnt behaving. see fringe splitting 

the first experience didnt went too smoothly cuz the boy was a bit sick that night and the traffic in KL sucks! :/ pfft screw the KL traffic. *sigh* 
thats the first step of mine or us doing something we truly love! 
no one ever said the first step would be easy ay? 


John and us :) 
TQ for giving us the opportunity  


one short video of us. 
Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift 

maybe this isnt the best cover but, 
i do hope we could do better! 
seeking for more opportunities! 

:) doing things i love was 2012 best gift ever! 

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