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annyeong! how was the beginning of 2013 kicking off? mine was basically nice and smooth and GREAT! :) 

imma blog about 3 awesome part of my yesterday. 

1st: Visited my sister in Semenyih
yeap, she seems happy there cuz things were better than what she'd expected. so that's great! 
um i guess i am the middleman updating my sis latest info to her friends as well. tsktsk.

bought this cap from H&M. cap is actually something quite essential to me cuz my face conditions are getting terrible with the hormonal acne and i am trying to avoid putting on too much makeup. 
so caps are actually a life saver for me whenever i have to go out in an ugly way (especially ytd when i have to wake up at 7am -.-) 

besides getting to have a short family reunion on the Sunday, imma give a short intro about the awesome food there. well my parents are super obsessed with hiking and they do it EVERYDAY. =.=
and i also know a lot of people went Broga Hills for hiking as well. 
so yea this is a restaurant near the place called Restaurant Brogla. lol. 
very kampung like with chilly weather. :)

Banana Leaf Asam Fish

their homemade fried roll. this is superb! the meat inside is still mad juicy one!

pork intestine. 
i know some of you dont eat these and think it's gross but then some do! 
for me, it really depends if it taste good or not. this one is yummy! some places cook them which tasted not chewy and still smells, but this one is definitely an exception. 

a view up on top of a temple. 

ootd and the great view.

bro's leh feh ootd.

mom and dad. 

and a skinny kitty lying on the floor.

a small food trip and reunion of the family. LOL.

2. I AM NOW A 堂姑姐.

congratulations to the cousin Alson and Maggie! 
^.^ feel so awwww when we see him. 
can't wait to see him growing up and wearing all those cute baby clothes! 
oh and, welcome to the family!

3. CHARCOAL, the new poodle.

"hi my name is Charcoal, i guess you know why"

aint he adorable! cannot even see him in the dark. that's the best pic i took today in the car. he's just 4 months old. a really cute poodle. :) 

since the last poodle Momo got lost, we'd decided not to let the dogs out of our house ANYMORE. *sigh* really dont wana lost them anymore. and true enough that's our responsibility to keep em safe. 
so, dear Charcoal, welcome to the family and we'll love you with all we can :) 

signing off with more Charcoal's photo.

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