Degree in Psychology #2 ♥


heeloooo! to continue my Degree in Psychology #1 post, here comes the part 2. 

so basically i am done with my Year 1. *yay!*
took 5 subjects. 
passed all of it! *yay yay*
and i am pretty happy with it.
i am a person who aims really low for my studies. 
i dont know if it is a good thing (i dont feel that sad when i get my results) or a bad thing ( i am always at that standard)

BUT! then someone told me i should aim higher for myself. 
thinking about it for the pass few weeks,
i think i really should give myself some pressure alr. 
cuz i gotta try aiming higher, achieving higher. 

rumors had been going about the PTPTN loan saying that you need not to pay for the debt IF you got a first class honor. 
IF AND ONLY IF... *le sigh*
althou it is still a rumor, 
i'll just do the best to achieve that level *cross fingers*
not only for the money sake, also for my standard sake. 

overall Year 1 had been really nice to me,
despite all the assignments due dates and final exam driving me crazay,
i have a bunch of sweet classmates fighting and helping me all the way. 
TQ! :)


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