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yes this is me after being dead away from my blog for the past few months. 

Heeeeelllooooo lovelies! the end of 2012 was really very very busy for me. did not even have time to watch drama. -.- whenever i have time, i'd rather spend the time w my family, friends and sleep. zzz. 

but wohoo! 
i know i dont have much readers on this blog but still, 
i feel so happy and blessed when people come ask me to update and say they still read! :') 

gonna blog about my New Year celebration. ^.^

for 2013, I'd been feeling so lazy to get stuck in the horrible traffic and crowd. 
so went over to a friend's house for a small countdown party. :) 

the view up on the hill. witnessing a lot of baby fireworks from many places :) 

btw, pictures below might be shitty cuz i'd been having flu and cough so i didnt even bother to put lens and make up on. 

frame fam! :) 
w honey May 

with the boy ;)
w my girls 
and the photobomber -.-

group pic! 

well not much pic here cuz basically everyone is a bit tipsy and hyper when the night falls. 

how's your 2013 countdown?
well, wishing all of you a very great 2013 ahead and make it another splendid year!

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