Korean Taekwondo Cultural Night 2012 ♥


hello! time is passing so fast like nobody's business. LOL. had been lazing at home, refreshing Facebook all the time, now watching anime Detective Conan (oh i should blog about this)

back then in July (i guess), went Tarc College w my TKD (shortform for Taekwondo) kaki went for a Korean Taekwondo Cultural night. this is definitely not only Kpop. I went because of Mr.C, he performed. 

loving my jeans and boots. if i can, i would love wearing them everyday.

chilled @ Dr.Cafe

gadgets kill. it stops people from socializing. wtf.




busy body woman trying to know more secrets from them. heh!

keh keh want to pretend very busy, actually sms Mr.C only.

he doesnt even looks like he is sick.

and it was time, we wandered around Tarc College. i was O.O with the huge swimming pool! god. 


sweetie pie @qiaoyan
excuse the sweaty hair of mine.

owl bag is love

oh i miss you CHKL :)

just in case i forgot what was the title of the show. ehem. i did refer.


Korea Fan Dance

Korea Drum Dance (i guess)

Kpop dance. 

er, Korea Band? 
 and deng deng deng deng 
plus *drums roll*

here comes the reason i was there.

 sorry if i bored you with all the pic. -.-

now, the jeng zhong (正宗) Korean Taekwondo Team!

not much description needed. they are good! giving us a lot of surprises and making us O.O all the time *jawdrop*

after the performance, those kiddos start taking my camera and rush looking for their "Yuri" *shakeshead*

 these are only a few, a lil part of them in my camera. 

i have more than 10 SAME PICTURE in the camera. *bangswall*
man, they are crazy about Koreans.

enough with the Koreans, a pic of us together :) 

oh did i miss out someone?

yea right, waited for him outside like a small fan just to take pic with him. wtf. not even.

I am his ehem leh! cannot got priority go back stage one meh? 
(admit it, i just want to take pic with the Koreans too. hah soweee!)

1st time supporting him, LIVE. normally i got support him also, just, mentally. 

i miss TKD kaki so so much!
i miss the Soya Bean hour after training.
i miss those stay backs fooling around.
i miss Uma Rani meeting.
i miss the long hours training just for the 5 minutes performance.
i love all the sweat we had together.
i love the command shouted out loud energetically.
i love the Wednesday training with my Taekwondo YO ending.
and not forgetting
them "bullying" us me as well. LOL.

i miss all of the Kaki.
seniors and juniors. 
lots of love!

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  1. say ma i will let u go to back stage de. but only u la... not other ppl....



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