Bumbu Bali ♥


our 1st anni.
been discussing where to have our anni dinner. i want a romantic place. and guess where he suggested? he says: let's go eat fish head noodle lo! or you want bak kut teh? 
*faint* wtf. can imagine i survived with this guy for one year anot? 

the only pic in the car
idk if any of you but me, i selca a lot in cars cuz i love the lighting/sunlight coming from the window (or because i have no guts to selca much outdoors w so many pairs of eyes watching)


he keep on stepping on the break when i take photo. wtf si ren tou. so i give up and stared at him.


so, we were lucky enough to find the restaurant. 
dinner @Bumbu Bali, Bandar Puteri

i used to dine in at Bumbu Bali w my family many years ago. i still love the place! it's so cozy warm and romantic :) 

cozy until all my photo yellowish one. haha!

pity boy bored cuz i couldnt find the right setting. heh!

Avocado milk shake thing. 

their famous Nasi Campur

fried sotong and potato

grilled chicken chop.

 no doubt i really love their food. :) 
they serve really good Balinese food!
i even fall in love with their mineral water wtf cuz they put Citronella grass in it.

curi curi ate all the chocolate and nuts while he's snapping. 


HAHAHA! what kind of face is that! 

okay, end this post w our photo la.

the funniest picture of all! some lightning pearl ball coming out from his mouth. looks like DragonBall lo! 

ok buhbye! 


  1. I hope so too! faster go tell him to bring me to Bali! :D

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