Jayesslee Live in KL ♥


Jayesslee Live in KL @ Dewan Wawasan PGRM
w/ Yan Low 

I am a mad fans of Jayesslee. 

Owl bag. 

Sonia on the left. Janice on the right. 
 this is the only pic of them. i know. you all cannot even see em cuz we were not allowed to snap picture/record video. oh well, i get to see them live. HAH! :D

it is reallyyyy different seeing them live and in Youtube.
you can feel the power of their bond. serious.

P/S: never take pic under the lighting, makes your eyes even smaller! wtf.

and when i thought i couldn't see them close up, they passed by us, walking to the meet and greet room.
that's Janice :) 
this is the funniest scene:
Me: Yan! must take pic har. MUST!
Yan & Me holding our cameras, getting ready, 
and when they came out. 
we shouted, jumped, laughed like crazy,
with our hands shaking, 
without pressing the snap button. O.O

oh well. 

excuse me. 

the proposal flash mob is tomorrow! :D
i cant wait!

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