Jason Mraz Live in KL ♥


As seen in the title, 
it's Jason Mraz Live in KL! :D

i am not a super HUGE fans of him, 
but ze bf is -.-

after the concert, i became one of the huge fans! :D


claypot rice in Cheras before heading to Jason Mraz's concert. 

we're here!

 it was an outdoor concert, 
so thanks god the weather was nice and sort of windy too. :)

Yan Low, Px Cheah and Mr.C half hidden.

opening performance.
 and here comes...
(drums roll)

 he played my fave Butterfly and I Wont Give Up
the whole concert was awesome awesome and awesome! 
stood up most of the time enjoying his music, 
and it was really.. LIVE (if you kno what i mean)
not every artist can haz such LIVE concert. :D

happy and satisfied kid i am.

excuse my sweaty hair and face. 
i'd been :D all the time after the concert. wtf.

sexy neck!

and it was Clo's birthday! 
celebrated a lil at the nearby McD.

w/ Yan.
 both of us got so hyper that we started singing Madagascar3 theme song dadadadadadat alfro circus, yes, out loud in MCD. *hide*

and when she held out these, we I went crazy AGAIN!
Jayesslee Live in KL!
:D the twins! it's real! it's them!

and we started singing the bubblegum song again.

the end.

Wish list: experience an outdoor concert with bf. CHECKED.


  1. wenhsin!!!!!!!i hv the same shoes wif u!but different colour haha

  2. bohjiooooo :(((
    jz kidding, <3 jason marz too :D

  3. Kheryin! omg omg let's meet one day and wear it together:D IMY!

    Kwong: LOL Jason Mraz rocks!



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